Did you know that Nashville, Tennessee, has a cost of living 3% lower than the US average? That makes the Music City a prime spot for those who wish to live in the metro without paying exorbitant prices.

It’s no wonder then that the “Athens of the South” has grown quite fast over the years. As of the latest survey, at least 100 people move to the Metro-Nashville area every single day.

If you’ve been planning to move to the Music City, you may be wondering whether to hire movers or go with a DIY move. To that end, we decided to come up with this post to help you decide between the two.

Read on to learn why hiring moving experts is a smart move, and when it may be fine to move by yourself.

Hire Movers To Reduce the Risks of Injuries and Accidents

Each year, 29 million people in the US sustain severe injuries that land them in emergency rooms. Many of these are unintentional injuries that affect the musculoskeletal system. Such injuries often arise from incorrect lifting, carrying, handling of objects.

Now, keep in mind that recovering from even just a mild muscle strain can take three up to six weeks. Throughout this period, you’re likely to experience pain, soreness, and swelling. Your injury may feel so bad that it may also restrict your movement.

All that can put a damper on your big move that should otherwise be exciting and fun. So, rather than risk it, consider hiring movers who are experts in lifting and carrying tasks.

Go With Professional Movers to Keep Property Damages at Bay

Aside from your own safety and health, moving by yourself may also put your stuff at risk of damages. For instance, you may end up dropping heavy objects due to their weight or because of sweaty hands.

You may also miscalculate distances when carrying or loading your stuff into a truck. For example, you may think that the edge of an object you’re carrying is still far from the cargo bed wall of your truck. If this happens, you’re likely to cause not only dents in the item you’re holding but also your precious truck.

These are risks mitigated by a professional moving company in Nashville. In case something does happen, licensed movers have insurance. So, in the unlikely event that damage may occur, the moving experts have it covered.

When Is It a Good Idea to Do the Move Yourself Then?

If you only have a few boxes and not a lot of heavy items, then you may save money if you do the move yourself. You can ask some of your best pals or family members to help you out during the big day.

You may also consider a DIY move if you’re relocating to Nashville from Nashville. In this case, you may be moving to a new place just a few miles off of your old one. If the move only takes one trip from your old house to the new one, then a DIY move may be able to save you a bunch of cash.

Before You Go With DIY: Find Out How Much a Pro Move Would Cost

Granted, it will cost you more to hire movers. The DIY approach will still cost you, though, as you likely would still need to rent a truck. So, before you decide, it’s best to get quotes from professional movers first.

Quotes are free, anyway, and they’ll give you an accurate idea of how much the service will cost. From here, you can decide which option offers the best possible deal.

Ready to haul your stuff from point A to point B with the least worries possible? Get in touch with us then! We’ll be happy to answer your questions about moving to Nashville.