We have all been there. You wait until the day before your lease ends or your home’s new owners move in to start packing your belongings, thinking it will be easy to move on your own. In fact, 13 million Americans decide to make this big decision each year, and it is by far not a simple task. 

You can only wait until the last minute to move if you have a moving company that packs for you. Want to know why?

Find out the benefits of hiring a moving company below. 

1. Limit Damages

You probably don’t have bubble wrap, moving straps, and properly sized boxes lying around your house. A full-service moving company brings these items along with them to safely move and store your belongings. 

Professional movers have experience moving large, fragile objects so the chances of your possessions getting damaged go down dramatically. They also know how to secure your items in the moving truck to avoid shifting and breaking while in transport. 

2. Save Time

No matter how many friends and family members you recruit for your move, getting the heavy lifting done takes time. This is because you may not have the right size boxes or know how to fit your couch through a narrow doorway. 

Hiring a moving company speeds up this process. They know how to quickly yet safely move large objects and boxes out of your home, saving you time as you can then focus on moving smaller personal items without stress. 

And don’t forget about the time it takes to move into your new home. 

3. Avoid Physical Labor

In addition to the time it takes to move on your own, the labor is also a major downside. Not only will you become too tired to enjoy the process, but you may also injure yourself. 

Professional movers know how to lift heavy objects, and they have the right equipment to prevent injury. For example, back braces and trolleys make moving easier and safer. 

4. Make Long-Distance Moves Easier

Moving long distances is even more challenging since you need to fit all of your things in one truck and can only make one trip. A moving company can ensure that all of your things fit so that you aren’t caught without space. 

Traveling with all of your possessions is also a liability as they can get lost or damaged. Using a professional guarantees that you have moving company insurance so that you acquire peace of mind. 

5. Cut the Cost

The average cost of renting a moving truck could range anywhere between $120 to $2,300, depending on how much you move and how far. Plus, you need to buy packing supplies to box and move all of your things with them breaking.

You also won’t need to pay for extended stays in your current home if you need to delay your move because you’re unprepared.

Finding a Moving Company that Packs for You

You don’t just want to hire just any moving company. You want to find a moving company that packs for you. They can help you organize your possessions so that unpacking is easy.

Get started packing by getting a free moving quote today.