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Moving day can be stressful. Our job at Tri-Star Moving as one of the top moving companies in Nashville is to help make sure you are prepared ahead of time. The key for a stress-free moving day is to be as organized as possible. Here are some moving tips that we like to offer our customers to get them on the right track.

It is better to have an excess in boxes rather than being a few boxes short. The last thing you want to do is run out of boxes and start placing things on the trucks or in your vehicles by themselves. Things tend to get misplaced, it makes it harder to pack, and if fragile, it could lead to damaging those items.

Remember to get a variety of sizes in boxes. It is usually best to have more smaller to medium size boxes because those are easier to fill up. If the box is not filled to the top then it is not stackable. When you get larger boxes it is harder to fill those boxes to the top. In the instance that you do have more room in a box, it is best to fill that space with towels, curtains or other items that give it protection but also offer support so it can be stacked. Also, remember an important rule: the heavier the item, the smaller the box! It is easier to put heaver items in a smaller box because it is easier to carry. Having heavier items in larger boxes make it harder to carry. It is best to put lighter/awkward items in the bigger boxes to make them easier to carry.

When buying packing supplies, make sure that you buy packing tape, bubble wrap, paper padding, labels, sharpies, etc. Like boxes, it is never a bad thing to have more bubble wrap an packing supplies than to run out and not have enough. Bubble wrap is really useful in protecting fragile items like kitchen supplies (china, glassware, wine glasses, etc.). Another tip is to use dish towels that you already own to help aid in padding and protection of fragile items. This way you are getting more protection but also packing your linens. It’s like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Aside from padding and protection, it is best to label or mark each box as “fragile” that is. It also needs to be marked with what room the box will go in at the next house. It creates a quicker unload experience.

All your boxes should be packed before moving day. Moving day will already be busy enough. The last thing you will want to be doing is packing on moving day. The movers to like to scan everything that is to be loaded up on their truck before starting. This gives them a good idea of how and when things should be packed. For example: if you are packing a fragile box and the movers have already placed the fragile boxes together on the truck then it makes it harder for the movers to find a secure place for the new box. If you’re not having to pack on moving day it also frees you up to help the movers with any questions they have.

Moving in Nashville is becoming a lot different than it used to be. There are a lot more apartments, condominiums and town homes that are being built at a highly increasing rate. When moving from and to places such as these it is best to have the details figured out before the movers arrive. Figure out the best places to park for the movers and their size truck. It is best to do it at both locations. If possible, it would be best to reserve or block off a spot for when they arrive. It is also beneficial to reserve the elevator in the instance that you will be using one. If you live in a condominium and are on anything but the 1st floor it is best to use the elevator. It will save time, which will save you money.

When the movers are unloading your items at the new location it is preferred that you direct them where to go! Make sure you are freed up to tell the movers where to go. Furniture from the previous master bedroom may not be going into the master bedroom at the new place. Even if items are labeled, it still makes it easier and quicker to unload the truck. Again, the quicker it goes- the less money you pay!

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