Moving into an apartment, in some ways, can be harder than moving into a home. While you may be moving a smaller amount of belongings, the logistics are a little different.

With an apartment move, you’re often dealing with a small living space. But you also have to figure out navigating through the building or the complex to get to your unit.

That doesn’t mean apartment moving has to be difficult or stressful. With these apartment moving tips, you can make the process run smoother and without excess stress.

1. Declutter Before Packing

When moving into an apartment, you have to be conscious of the amount of space you have. One of the best packing tips is always to start by decluttering. You’d be surprised how much you can accumulate over time.

Go through your wardrobe, drawers, and closets to see what you can get rid of. Designate categories of clothes, decor, and miscellaneous items you can donate, sell, or just throw away.

Decluttering beforehand ensures you don’t stuff your apartment full of unnecessary things on the very first day.

2. Color Code Your Boxes

Use a color coding system when packing boxes so you’re able to see what belongs where at a glance. When packing, assign each room in your new apartment with a different color.

Use markers or tabs to add the corresponding color to each box. When unpacking the moving truck, you’ll be able to match the colors and put the right boxes in the right room quicker and easier.

3. Pack a First-Few-Days Bag

The last thing you’ll want to do after a day of moving in is dig through boxes to get all of your necessities. Instead, pack a bag that has everything you need for the first few days, such as clothes, toiletries, and device chargers.

In these bags, it’s also a good idea to have a file of important documents such as your driver’s license, birth certificate, and new lease.

4. Contact Your Complex

You’ll want to contact the apartment complex or landlord to schedule the logistics of the move-in day. You may need to reserve the loading dock or a space on the curb for the moving vans.

The complex may have rules about the days or times you can move in. There may be other tenants moving in during the same week. Coordinating with your apartment complex will help the move be smoother.

5. Hire Professional Movers

Professionals make the apartment moving process much easier.

Hire a professional moving company to handle the actual moving day. These services are much more efficient and can save you time and money.

A Stress-Free Apartment Moving Process

Moving into a new apartment can be the start of a new chapter. It may be your first apartment and the start of your adult life, a home with a romantic partner, or simply starting fresh in a new space.

No matter the reason, with the right preparation, you can make the apartment moving process stress-free. Move in, then sit back and enjoy your new home in Nashville.

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