Whether you’re a master packer or you’re moving for the first time, packing up and relocating can put a lot of stress on you and your family. Changing houses, jobs, and hometowns means new experiences and many challenges.

Having good advice on your side can help keep stress levels low. Throughout the process, use these essential moving tips to turn your relocation into a successful adventure.

1. Plan Ahead

Before you start, sit down and make some concrete plans. From calling the utility companies to using up food in your pantry, get it all down on paper.

A checklist provides the moving help you need to remember each step of the plan, and it makes it easier for you to delegate if you can see all the needs in front of you. If paper isn’t your thing, use a tablet or laptop to keep track of the master plan.

2. Communicate

One of the best tips for moving into a new house is sharing your plans with everyone involved. Otherwise you’ll stress out when something goes wrong because of a miscommunication.

When everyone knows the plan, they’ll know where to jump in and help more effortlessly, too.

2. Don’t Wait

The last minute is for handling things you forgot or didn’t plan for, not for finishing projects and packing. Your moving checklist doesn’t have to include stress if you give yourself enough time.

Know how much time each task takes. Then allot the necessary time for each task and work backward to build a timeline.

Be sure to add in a few extra time slots, in case things don’t go as you planned. You’ll have a buffer and still be able to get everything done.

3. Moving Tips: Plan for Challenges

Relocating is a long process, and there will be difficulties along the way. Reduce your stress levels by researching common problems ahead of time and having a tactic to deal with it.

For example, if you know you have lots of breakable items, decide ahead of time how you will pack them safely

4. Go to Bed

One of the best moving tips and hacks is to get enough sleep. Even though you’re probably thinking about all the memories you’ve had and anticipating great times in your new place, try to sleep enough.

Embrace some new tricks to help you sleep if you’re having trouble. From binaural beats to relaxation techniques, do everything you can to prioritize your sleep hygiene. You’ll stay healthy and strong throughout your move if you’re getting enough hours of rest every night.

6. Find Help

Don’t try to do this project alone. Hire movers to help you with your relocation and take the stress out of it. They can provide moving tips and checklists, along with all the supplies you need.

7. Rely on Friends

Ask friends for some help packing. They’ll be grateful to spend time with you before you leave, and it takes away the stress of squeezing in time together while you manage moving details.

Be sure to thank them with a handwritten note after you’ve arrived at your new home. They’ll want your new address, and it’s a great way to form the habit of keeping in touch.

Endless Potential

Moving tips can help you stay even-keeled throughout your relocation. From the initial plans to the actual execution, staying healthy and focused can be tough. With a good night’s sleep, a steady pace, and good friends, you’ll have no trouble.

Hiring movers can help throughout the whole process. Request your free quote today, and keep the stress out of moving.