Are you planning a move in the next few months? About 35.5 million Americans move every year. Despite how common it is, not everyone knows how to plan a move.

Planning a move ahead of time could save you valuable time and money in the long run. You can minimize your stress and enjoy the adventure.

Here are seven move planning hacks you can use to stay organized. With these tips, you can remain on track and efficient. 

Get ready for a stress-free move! Start packing and planning with this moving checklist today.

1. Make a To-Do List

First, take the time to write out your moving checklist. Organize everything you need to do based on:

  • Items to complete months beforehand
  • Tasks you have to complete on moving day
  • Items you need to complete after the move

Determine which tasks you can complete immediately. Then, establish a deadline for each item on your moving checklist.

Spread your move planning tasks out to keep too many deadlines from overlapping.

2. Start ASAP

It’s important to start working on your moving checklist right away. The sooner you start, the fewer items you’ll have to complete on the day of your move.

Otherwise, a few unexpected, last-minute emergencies could pop up while you’re already in a rush. 

3. Declutter and Donate

Try to declutter your home as much as possible. Decluttering means you’ll have few items to pack.

Packing fewer boxes could help you save money.

Schedule a day to have a company like GoodWill arrive to pick up your donations, too. 

4. Request Help

You don’t have to work through your move planning checklist alone. Instead, call friends and family members to help. 

Make sure to call them before moving day. Otherwise, you might not realize they’re busy until it’s too late. 

5. Hire Movers

There are over 18,000 moving companies in the US. Make sure to call a local moving company weeks before moving day. Otherwise, you might find they’re already booked on the day of the move.

Hiring an experienced team of Nashville movers will help minimize your stress. 

6. Mark Your Boxes

As you begin packing, make sure to number your boxes. Then, create a note on your phone that indicates what’s in each box.

If you lose a box on moving day, you’ll know exactly what was inside. You’ll have an easier time filing an insurance claim, too. 

7. Take Photos

Take photos of any priceless valuables before you pack them away. Having photos will help if you need to file an insurance claim.

Make sure to pack these items with care. Consider using bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Taking extra precautions will give you peace of mind on moving day. 

Make a Move: 7 Move Planning Tips for an Easy Move

Planning a move doesn’t have to feel stressful. Instead, use these seven move planning tips to remain organized. Using these tips will ensure you have a smooth move ahead. 

Instead of feeling stressed, you can enjoy the move and your new home, sweet home.

Need help working on your moving checklist? We’re here to lend a hand!

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