There is always a never-ending competition between which household item is filthiest. Toilet seats take the lead in online listicles. This allows another contender to fly under the radar, one that’s 12 times as dirty: your couch.

That’s a couch in its normal habitat, though. Now imagine what happens during a move. There’ll be sweaty hands, a dusty moving truck, and outside grime bedding down in it.

The solution? Wrapping your couch. This keeps it clean, holds it together, and avoids unnecessary damage.

Read on for a brief guide on how to wrap a couch for moving.

Tools You’ll Need

First, it helps to have some tools on hand before moving furniture. Add these essentials to your list if you don’t already have them. They may help to pack fragile items, too.

  • Plastic stretch wrap 
  • Moving blankets
  • Packing tape
  • Furniture dollies and/or sliders
  • Ratchet straps

Preparing a Couch to Be Moved

Remove all the decorations first. Throw blankets, decorative pillows, quilted pads, and so on. Store these in a well-labeled box for later.

Next, pull out the couch’s cushions–if they are removable. If you have enough plastic wrap, then double-wrap each cushion in both directions. Make sure not to leave any gaps for dirt or dust–otherwise, they’ll need a thorough cleaning.

If the couch separates into modular sections, break it apart now. Other components may come off easily without removing screws or staples. Disassemble your couch as much as you can by hand only.

How to Wrap a Couch for Moving

We recommend double-teaming this effort. One person holds the ream of plastic wrap. The other moves the couch. 

Start by going horizontally around the couch’s edges. Make sure to stretch the wrap as tightly as possible before clearing corners. This keeps the plastic tightly secured throughout the move.

With your friend’s help, tip the couch on its side. Don’t worry about the irregular form of armrests and backrests. Just ensure the wrap stretches tightly from one edge to the opposite.

Only wrap in straight lines. Don’t attempt to tuck the wrapping into crevices. Leaving sections that go over empty air is okay, as long as it’s tight.

How to Move Furniture

We recommend having your moving company do this part. Sure, you may know how to move the couch. But it’s a heavy, cumbersome piece that’s challenging even for 2-4 people.

Place it on a furniture dolly and roll it into the truck. Sliders also work, though they’re more challenging to maneuver. If that doesn’t work, then lift it the old-fashioned way.

If the ramp doesn’t work, have one person stand inside the truck. They then accept the couch as two others heave it up from the other end. Use furniture straps to ease the strain on your back where possible.

Move With Tri-Star Moving

Now you know how to wrap a couch for moving. Make sure the wrap is tight and you leave no openings for dirt and dust. Take care when lifting it into the truck and use a furniture dolly or slider as necessary.

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