Did you know Nashville is one of America’s fastest-growing cities? Roughly 80 people move to Nashville each day!

Whether you’re moving to Music City for the first time or just switching neighborhoods, we have everything you need to know in this moving guide. 

Reasons to Move to Nashville

If you aren’t sold yet on Nashville, here are a few reasons to consider it! From music on every corner to Southern food and a growing craft beer scene, Nashville has something for everyone.

  • There’s no State Income Tax (Cha-ching!)
  • There’s live music everywhere (on the streets, in the bars, even at the airport!)
  • Nashville’s Greenway System boasts miles of protected walking/biking/running trails with scenic views
  • It’s a dog-friendly city, so take your pup to restaurant patios or one of the many dog parks
  • There are tons of fun activities like local breweries and wineries, the Frist Art Museum, Pinewood Social’s Bowling Alley, and Top Golf 
  • Nashville’s suburbs like Mt. Juliet, Murfreesboro, Antioch, and Franklin are great places to visit

Make a Moving Checklist

It’s safe to say that there’s always a lot going on around moving day. Make a spreadsheet to manage all the things you need to do and don’t forget these essentials: 

  • Schedule all bills 
  • Change your address
  • Purchase boxes and packing materials 
  • Schedule any furniture deliveries 
  • Rent a van or schedule a moving service 

Cost of Living in Nashville

Depending on where you’re coming from, Nashville might seem cheaper or more expensive to you. Use CNN’s Cost of Living Calculator to make a direct comparison. For example, housing in Nashville is up to 58% less and groceries are 9% less than you’d pay in Boston. 

Cost is a huge part of your guide to moving, so be sure to choose a moving company that has good reviews and fair pricing. If they start swaying from an agreed-upon estimate, know your rights! 

Cost of Moving to Nashville

Depending on the distance you’re traveling and the size of your home, you can expect to spend between $300 and $3,000 on your move.

Another factor consider is, how much effort do you want to spend on moving? Moves are pretty draining and if you’re unable to pack all your things, consider hiring a moving service that packs for you!

It’s an easy way to have professionals keep all your belongings safe while not having to lift a finger. This does come with an added cost, so make sure it’s listed in your estimate.

Costs should be below $1,000 for moves within Nashville, depending on the services you need. 

Your Go-To Moving Guide for Nashville

Now that you know why and how to move to Tennesse’s largest city and the world’s capital of country music, get to it! Check out out our blog for more moving guide essentials and moving tips. 

If you’re ready to take the leap, request a free quote and our team will be in touch shortly!