Have you noticed more people have been moving lately? You’re not imagining things — 2021 has been the year of moving. The rising cost of living, remote work, and more are all reasons that lead to increased moving. This is especially true with moving long distance.

If this sounds like your situation, you’re probably preparing for a long-distance move. Preparing to live somewhere new is exciting but is also nerve-wracking.

But first, focus on the packing. Packing for a move is more challenging than you may expect. Fortunately, the expert movers at Tri-Star Moving have some tried-and-true packing tips to make long-distance moves a breeze.

Break Down Big Items

You may look at your large bookcase and wonder how it’s going to fit in a moving truck.

Fortunately, you can break down many large and bulky furniture items so they’re easier to transport. Perfect example: do you have an Ikea addiction? Fortunately, you can safely break down just about any Ikea item. They even offer instructions on breaking down items in addition to putting them back together.

What are common large items you can break down? Most tables and bed frames are simple to disassemble. But before breaking down furniture, know how to put it back together. In addition, keep all nuts and bolts in a ziplock bag, ensure all components are easy to find, and secure all of the necessary parts.

Stock up on Moving and Packing Supplies

You can never have enough boxes and tape. That’s why you should stock up on supplies far in advance. The last thing you want is to run out of supplies at the last minute.

What supplies should you have on hand? Other than boxes and tape, packing paper is also necessary. And while it seems silly, have plenty of black markers on hand. You’ll want to properly label your boxes to make things easier for your mover.

Protect Your Items

Your items will be in the moving truck for a long time. Don’t let your precious possessions get damaged while on the move. Properly protect your items by wrapping them with packing paper, bubble wrap, and similar items. If you can’t get your hands on specialized packing paper, newspaper, extra clothes and socks, towels, and blankets can also protect your possessions.

Start Early and Take Your Time

The last thing you want is to rush when you pack for a move. Even if you have to move last minute, try and take your time. If you’ve been planning this move for a long time, start packing as early as possible.

Why is it important to start packing early? You’ll better be able to pack your items, specifically valuables.

We Can Help With Your Long-Distance Move

Are you preparing for a move? If so, you know that packing for a long-distance move is intimidating. Fortunately, we offer services to make the process easier. But if packing is your biggest concern, we will ensure your items are organized and safe. If you’re based in Nashville or anywhere in mid-Tennessee, request a free quote today.