Do you have questions about your Mt. Juliet moving company? You’ve found the best place for answers! 

Moving can be a stressful, confusing time, and your professional movers should help you make sense of the process. The best movers calm your concerns. They also handle your furniture and personal items with care throughout every moment of packing, moving, and unloading everything in your new home.

Excellent professional moving companies also provide the best customer service—and that includes answering some quick questions! Keep reading to learn the answers to five common moving company questions. 

1. Are You Licensed?

We are, and this is a critical question to ask (and confirm) before allowing a moving company to handle your property or remove any items from your home. While plenty of part-time movers and small companies can physically take your stuff from one location to the next, licensed movers help protect your property from the moment they begin your move. 

Interstate movers must have a U.S. DOT number and register with the federal government. Use this source to confirm the licensed operation of the company if you’re moving out of state. 

2. Do You Have References?

Trust a moving company with a track record of excellent service! You want your home or office items to make it safely to your new destination. Trusting “just any” company with a truck can be a risky way to move. 

Check online reviews and ask friends and neighbors who they trust to move their furniture and personal items. Choose a company (like ours) with excellent customer service and happy clients. 

3. Are You Insured?

Proper up-to-date licensing is essential, and liability insurance is another critical thing to check when choosing your moving company. Moving is a physical job with the potential for accidents and injuries. Your moving company needs enough current liability insurance to cover the costs if anything happens to your property or their employees during your move. 

4. Can I Get a Quote?

Never choose a moving company that won’t provide a quote! Moving company quotes are standard procedure. Before professional movers touch any of your property, make sure they give you a written estimate that covers everything from packing and materials and all fees that apply to property removal, transportation, arrival, and unloading at your new office or home. 

5. Do You Do An Inventory? 

An inventory helps protect you, your items, and the moving company. When everyone agrees on the number and type of items that left your home or office, you should see the same things (in the same excellent condition) arrive at your new destination. 

If your moving company doesn’t offer an inventory list as part of their included services, make sure you create one on your own.

Choose the Moving Company With the Best Answers (and Service)

We are the moving company with the best answers and services you need for a successful move! Tri-Star Moving is locally owned and fully licensed and insured to protect your valuables—no matter your final destination. Contact us for a free quote!