Why You Need a Professional Commercial Movers

It is not every day that a business experiences a relocation and that means people who work at a business during a relocation are not necessarily prepared to move your business into a new office space. When you hire our commercial movers to do a job, we come prepared for any objects that your office may contain and know that keeping the organization of these items is extremely crucial to the success post-relocation. Moving your business on your own can come with a number of unforeseen circumstances that you aren’t prepared for. Tri-Star Moving are experienced commercial movers who have moved a number of businesses and has seen practically everything, so we can come ready to handle whatever your business throws at us.

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CASE STUDY: Cushman & Wakefield

Argosy University was closing down and Cushman & Wakefield, the company leasing the space to Argosy, were left with having to move all of what was left behind by Argosy. That included over 1000 chairs, 500 desks/cubicles, 300 classroom tables, 50 library bookshelves, 1000+ books, 200+ computers, projectors, podiums and countless other miscellaneous items were to be moved. Tri-Star Moving was able to complete this job in just five short days and left Cushman & Wakefield blown away by their speed and hard work. Don’t miss out by NOT hiring Tri-Star Moving as your commercial movers! Give us a call today!

Classroom Tables
Library Bookshelves

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