Over 40 million people in America move each year. Moving can take a lot of time and energy. You must plan how to pack all your things, buy packaging materials, and get a vehicle to haul everything to the new location.

Perhaps you need to rent a moving truck but you’re unsure what’s required. To figure that out, you’ll have to check how much space a rental can provide and look at the prices of each moving truck.

Continue reading to learn more about the different moving truck sizes and determine which one you need.

Moving Vans

A moving van can fulfill the job perfectly if you’re moving across the city or don’t require much travel. Additionally, moving vans are much smaller than moving trucks, making them easier to maneuver if you’re not comfortable driving bigger rigs. They can also make it easier to get into tighter spaces if needed.

Moving vans suit studios and one-bedroom apartments with nine feet of cargo space. They are the next smallest option right after pickup trucks.

Moving Trucks

There are usually two main types of moving trucks available. There’s the classic pickup with the bed and the box truck. One is used for simple and small moves, and the other is good for massive moves.

Pickups make for great movers for college students moving into their dorm rooms. They’re also excellent for transporting construction materials and tools. The open bed that exposes items to the elements is one thing to keep in mind.

Box trucks are for people with bigger apartments and homes or who need to carry many items. Moving truck sizes vary in length from 10 feet to 26 feet.

A 15-footer is excellent for a one-bedroom home or a two-bedroom apartment. A truck with 26 feet of cargo space is ideal for a three or four-bedroom home.

Why Moving Truck Sizes Matter

Picking a smaller moving truck size can cost you more time and money if you have to take multiple trips. However, you can save money with smaller moving trucks and moving vans. You must calculate how far you drive and how many trips it will take to get everything into your new place.

Before that, you’ll have to check out the price of renting a moving truck. Most places offer between $20-$40 for upfront costs and $0.50-$1.50 per mile.

You’ll have to remember that moving truck sizes that are bigger will cost more. Gas will have to be covered by you, and with more significant engines and weight, it will have more impact on your wallet.

Get Moving and Let Us Do the Work

Moving truck sizes come in many different shapes. Moving vans provide cover for the elements and are great for small moves. Pickup trucks are excellent for small day-moves and construction, while box trucks can help with bigger moves into multi-bedroom homes.

But sometimes, planning and moving everything by yourself can be a hassle. So, you can save time and money if you hire a moving team to help you out.

You can look at our services today. We provide solutions for residential and commercial moves, as well as packing.