Did you know that the global furniture industry is worth more than $648 billion?

Shopping for furniture can be an exciting experience. Not only does furniture make our living spaces as comfortable as possible, but it can also add lots of personality to our homes. Since furniture tends to be a big investment, it’s important to learn how to protect it in the event of a move.

There are countless horror stories about furniture getting destroyed during the moving process. Continue reading our guide on moving furniture so you can always be prepared.

Wrap Your Furniture to Prevent Stains and Tears

It’s always wise to buy lots of plastic wrap before a big move so you can protect your furniture. Covering pieces like your sofa will ensure that the material doesn’t get coated in debris or torn.

It’s a great tool to move furniture that has a challenging shape, such as bed rails. Plastic wrap should always be on your packing supply checklist since it sticks to itself and creates a tough layer of protection.

Add Cushioning to Fragile Pieces

If you’ve ever helped somebody else move before, then you might’ve noticed some blankets and other soft materials wrapped around furniture. The reason why this is a smart decision is that you can prevent extensive furniture damage.

If you bump a nightstand against the door or drop one side of a table, the chances of your furniture chipping or getting scratched are much smaller.

Tape Down Moving Pieces

Certain pieces of furniture like dresses can have lots of moving parts. The last thing you’d want is to watch your drawers go flying when you’re trying to move this heavy item.

Some people prefer to use plastic wrap to secure their furniture that has moving parts. If you don’t want to use as many resources, a few pieces of tape can get the job done well, too.

Use the Right Moving Tools

There are all kinds of tools that you can use to make moving heavy furniture less strenuous and dangerous.

Dollies allow people to load their furniture and wheel it away so that fewer people are needed to lug everything around. Straps can also lighten your load and reduce your risk of getting injured.

Consider Hiring Professional Movers

The cost of furniture repair is high when you factor in the finances and stress of the situation. This is why it’s always better to hire professional movers so you can have peace of mind that your furniture will be handled with care.

Movers have the right supplies, strength, and skills to move any type of furniture with ease.

Did You Enjoy This Guide on Moving Furniture?

Moving furniture isn’t an easy task, but these tips will allow you to get the job done as safely and efficiently as possible. You’ll feel great knowing that your furniture will still look beautiful in your new home.

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