If you’re thinking of moving, well, you’re not alone; in 2019, 32 million people moved in the US. Now, that’s roughly 9.8% of the US population! 

Moving can be a difficult decision, but thankfully, Mt. Juliet makes it easy. With low tax rates and a growing community, you can start fresh and settle down in this beautiful city. 

So, are you ready to dive in? Here’s the insider scoop on moving to Tennessee: 

1. One of the Lowest Tax Rates in Tennessee 

If you don’t like taxes, this city is perfect for you. With one of the lowest property taxes in the state, taxes are $0.165 per $100 city assessment and $2.5704 per county guidelines. 

There is also a 5% state sales tax on food and a 7% tax on other personal property. Local sales tax is even about 2.25%. However, since Tennessee doesn’t have a state income tax, you won’t experience any income taxes in Mt. Juliet. 

That means you can keep more of your money in your pocket, for yourself and your family. Rather than let it go to local causes and government resources. 

2. One of the Fastest Growing Communities

Mount Juliet is one of the fastest-growing cities in Tennessee. With new business permits about every two days no wonder, there are so many shopping centers, fine dining restaurants, and trade shops located in the city. Residents are increasing quickly as over 300 houses are added each year. 

You can even find a commuter rail service that travels up to Nashville and Lebanon. Also, the Nashville airport is just a short 15 minutes away. That makes moving to Mt. Juliet perfect for frequent travelers as well as young adults. 

3. Has Five Public Parks 

This charming city is great for growing families. With five large public parks, there are many areas for both kids and adults to enjoy.

Charlie Daniels Park, in particular, has a tennis court, a large children’s playground, a community center, and football fields. Families can spend time playing a game of tennis or participating in one of the many family activities. 

While Jones Family Park is another popular park that makes an hour of physical activity feel fun. It has a picnic area, a beach volleyball court, a hiking trail, and even a dog park! 

You can spend hours playing beach volleyball or let your dog roam free. Although one thing is for sure, your entire family will certainly love these entertaining parks. 

Make the Move to Mt. Juliet Today 

Moving can be a difficult process, but in Mt. Juliet, you can rest assured, you’re moving to the right place. With low tax rates and a growing community, you’ll experience the best of the best. 

If you’re moving soon, don’t go at it alone. Hire our team of knowledgeable commercial movers to help you. 

We’ll make sure your possessions arrive at your new residence quickly and safely. For information regarding our prices contact us to get a free quote!