Americans have around 300,000 items filling their homes, which shows how crucial it is to declutter before a move, especially with furniture. 

Removing old furniture creates a stress-free move and saves you money. But when you discover so many old pieces cluttering your home, it can feel overwhelming knowing what to do. 

Sounds like your situation? Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers you’re searching for. Here’s how to get rid of used furniture before moving.

Sell Your Furniture 

In our moving preparation guide, selling used furniture ranks at the top. Aside from giving you peace of mind, you can use the money for your move. The price will depend on the condition of the furniture and how long you’ve had it. 

To maximize your profit, make pieces presentable with a deep clean and research how much similar furniture gets in your area. You can host a garage sale in your front yard or advertise your furniture online to further your reach. Use sites like Facebook Marketplace or eBay to donate old pieces and earn a buck.

Donate Your Furniture

Homeowners set on decluttering before moving should try donating old furniture. The beauty of this option is that many charities collect used furniture, so you needn’t lift a finger. An added bonus is that donations are also tax deductible, making it a win-win. 

While your furniture needn’t be in pristine condition, it shouldn’t have loose springs or broken legs because charities likely won’t touch it. You should also call in advance, especially if you have heavier furniture to shift. 

Gift It 

Have any sentimental pieces? Then, gift it to your loved ones.

You may be surprised that your family and friends have an eye on certain pieces of furniture, so give them the opportunity to choose the ones you’re happy to leave. If the furniture isn’t in the best condition, repurpose it, so older items get a second life while you have clutter-free rooms. 

Schedule a Curbside Pickup

One of the top furniture disposal tips is to schedule a curbside pickup. Although it isn’t ideal, there’s no point paying to move pieces that you no longer want or need. 

Before dragging your furniture outside, call the waste collection service to see if the service will collect it. If you think that the furniture is desirable, you could even leave it outside with a “FREE” sign and see if any neighbors are interested. Ideally, do this a week before the move as it gives passersby time to scope out the furniture.

How to Get Rid of Used Furniture Before a Move

Now that you know how to get rid of used furniture, it’s time to start decluttering your home. 

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