Heading Out to College? Know These Tips for Move-In Day

So, you just graduated high school and looking at moving out to college. Whether you are looking at going to a school locally or somewhere else nationally, you are going to need help from local movers to get all your stuff to your dorm room. Here at Tri-Star Moving LLC, we provide moving services no matter where you are considering going to school. We have aided in multiple students that are moving out of their parent’s house for the first time and have no idea what they are heading into. Well, lucky for you, whether you are the parent or the student, our company has tips to enhance your first dorm experience.

One thing that local movers have realized after making so many moves to dorms for clients is that there will always be items you forget when you arrive at the location. Some of the most common items we see clients forget that are needed almost immediately when they arrive on site are toilet paper, mattress toppers, curtains, and a trash can. Now, it is no big deal if these are forgotten when first arriving at campus, but if you already had these items it would be fewer items that you would have to worry about purchasing once you first arrive. There will already be many other items that you can’t pre-purchase until you have already moved the rest of your items into your dorm room, so it is best to remember what you can now to make the move just a tad bit easier.

Another area that most people don’t consider when they move into their first dorm is the lack of elevators that some dorms have. Some dorms don’t even have elevators at all if they are older. This is why hiring moving services is a great option, especially for the big and heavy items. During moving days on campus, the dorms are filled with incoming students all trying to move their items in at the same time which means the elevators will be in constant use and hard to find a time when they are open. Professional movers will take that extra step to get your student fully moved in with efficiency, even if that means utilizing the stairwells.

One last major tip that we have for any new college students is to make your dorm room feel like home. We know that sounds a little corny but at the end of the day, you will be living in this space more than likely for the next year and looking at bare concrete walls can be kind of depressing. Adding your own touch to your dorm room will make it feel like it is yours, and it will be a lot easier to spend time in. This goes especially for upcoming freshmen who have never lived outside of their parent’s home. College is a phenomenal experience and living on campus only enhances it. Just be prepared for move-in day!