Tips for Planning a Move During the Winter

Moving from house to house can be an exciting moment. Before this can happen, you must get your items to the new location safely and on time. Most people would say summer is the ideal time to plan for a move. The temperature and weather are ideal for having to move your personal goods in and out of both locations. Moving companies are staffed with trained professionals who do this year-round and are prepared for winter moves. While it might seem miserable to move in lower temperatures yourself, a professional moving team may prefer the cooler weather over the intense heat of summer.  All things considered, here are a few tips for when you are deciding if a winter move is in the realm of possibility for your next move.

Plan on Being Flexible

One of the primary advantages that a summer move has over a winter one is that summer has longer daylight hours. With more daylight, moving companies can get a decently sized move completed in one day. During the winter time, it begins to get darker earlier in the evening and that could make a ten-hour move *that is normally completed in a day) turn into a two-day move. If you set your expectations realistically and can be flexible with your local movers, then a winter move could work in your favor. However, depending on the area and time of year, you may also need to consider the possibility of needing to reschedule if there is inclement weather.

This may sound like you would want to avoid a winter move entirely, but there are significant upsides. Scheduling a move with your local movers during the winter time can be a lot easier than if you scheduled for the summer. Since many people choose to move during the summer, scheduling a specific day to get your stuff moved can be difficult due to previously scheduled moves for that same day. This means having to rearrange your schedule to fit with the moving companies. You have a better chance of scheduling the exact day you need movers during the winter because they typically have fewer bookings than they do in the winter months.

Make Sure All Paths Are Secure

Inclement weather can create dangerous conditions for movers to safely operate and carry your personal belongings from location to location. Ensuring that pathways are clear at both locations will create a safe environment for local movers to take items in and out. Shoveling any snow or salting any ice beforehand will create for a safer and more efficient move. Also, with the weather during the winter months, you should make it a point to protect the floors in your new home. You don’t want to buy a new home and immediately deal with any damage done to your floors. Movers could possibly track in a mix of snow, mud, and dirt into your new home but if you protect the floors before movers arrive at the new location, you can prevent damage that might be done.

Knowing what a move can be like during the winter months is important before scheduling one. Like we said, moving happens no matter what season it is. You just have to be prepared for the different factors that come with it.