The number of Americans who move each year was on the decline. The Covid-19 pandemic seems to have reversed that downward trend. Whether the moves were temporary or permanent, they affected things like the housing market, employment, and population statistics. 

Are you gearing up for a move? Did you come here for information on how to move with dogs?

Moving with pets adds a few more lines to your to-do list: get vet records, make a reservation to bring them on the plane, and get a carrier for the car or airplane to name a few. What else do you need to include? 

When it comes time to move, you’re not the only one who might be stressed. Moving with animals can put a strain on you and them! Keep reading to learn how to make moving with dogs a bit easier. 

1. Familiarize Your Dog With Moving Supplies 

On your moving checklist for pet owners, ‘purchasing moving supplies’ should be on the section labeled ‘two weeks ahead of time.’ While there is nothing scary about cardboard boxes and packing tape, some dogs might get freaked out by them. 

Keep them in the corner of the room so your dog gets used to seeing them and can sniff them out. Put a treat in one of the boxes so they’ll have a positive association with them. Do this a number of times. 

Once you start packing, they’ll be familiar with the supplies. 

2. Set Up a Quiet, Safe Spot 

When you’re planning a pet owner move, you have to keep your pet calm and safe while packing and moving. There will be a lot of going in and out of the house and heavy things moving. 

Set up a spot where your dog can chill and be out of the way. If you have a dog pen, set it up with a bed, a bowl of water, and some chew toys. 

3. Pack a Bag With Dog Essentials 

You’ll need a bag to take with you with all of your dog’s essentials. Include what you’ll need along the way and things you’ll need when you get to your new home. Think about the things you’ll need to be able to access before you unpack. 

Food and water bowls, along with food and treats, and any special toys should be easily accessible. 

Moving With Dogs 

Now that you know some tips and tricks about moving with dogs, the move will be less stressful. When you’re well prepared and keep things as familiar as possible, your dog will adjust and feel comfortable in the new surroundings. In the end, your dog will be much happier going along than dealing with the alternative. 

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