In recent years, an estimated 40 million Americans move into new homes each year. When you first enter your new home, getting everything ready can feel daunting. Many new homeowners don’t know what to do to settle into their new homes.

Are you one of them? If you are, keep reading. We want to help your journey in your new home start on the right track!

Your Address and Documents

The first step needed to settle into your new home is making sure your address is up to date. You need to fill out a change-of-address form with the United States Postal Service. It’s also recommended to contact your bank and update your vehicle registration.

You also need to transfer utility services like internet, phone, water, electricity, and gas to your new home. Many companies will let you do this online.

Unpacking your home can feel chaotic. You should safely store any documents or important photos in a secure container. This makes it easier to find them if you need them at any point while unpacking.

Check Out Saftey Features

Your home is a new environment, and you want to feel safe in it. We recommend checking locks, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, circuit breakers, and water valves.

If it helps you settle into a house, you can even change the locks on your home. Updating locks will guarantee that you are the only one who has a key for your home.

Clean Before Unpacking

Before you start putting everything away, now is the perfect opportunity to clean your new home. Everything is still in boxes, so you don’t have to clean around all your personal belongings.

Many realtors will have the home cleaned before you move in. But, we all have our favorite way to clean our spaces. Cleaning before you unpack you can leave a personal mark on your home.

Unpack Room-by-Room

The next step for settling into your new home is unpacking boxes room-by-room. Unpacking will take a few days. Starting with rooms that are a priority can reduce the stress of unpacking. If you haven’t moved yet, a moving tip is to pack boxes for the room they’re going to go into.

Begin with the rooms that help you feel at home. For many people, this is living rooms or bedrooms. Unpacking your bedroom first can lead to a good night’s sleep, which will make continuing to unpack the next day easier.

We also recommend doing the kitchen early on so you can cook. This will reduce the amount of money you spend on takeout. Plus, filling your home with the smell of your favorite food can make your space feel homey.

Help Pets and Children Adjust

For children and pets, moving can be hard. For children, keep them involved in the unpacking process. They should have their room unpacked first to help ease them settle into their new home.

Pets should visit your new home a few days before you move in, if possible. Otherwise, before you unpack, give them a chance to look around the home. They can sniff different areas and get used to the new home smell.

Pets should stay in a quiet area while you unpack. Give them their favorite toys, food bowls, and other familiar objects while they stay in that room. Make sure to take breaks and play with them so they feel comfortable.

Have a Housewarming Party

After you unpack everything, it’s time to put some life into your home! Having a house party is the perfect way to show your new space to family, friends, and co-workers. It’s your first step towards building memories.

A housewarming party is an opportunity to meet your new neighbors as well! Your neighbors can tell you everything you need to know about the neighborhood. Their children could become friends with your children.

It’s Time to Settle Into Your New Home

Trying to settle into a new home isn’t easy. It can take time, but with these steps, you’ll adjust quickly.

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