Planning a move is a lot of work. There’s much more involved than simply packing up your belongings and transporting them to a new location. There’s a specific way to pack moving boxes to ensure all personal belongings are safe and arrive damage-free. You’ll also need to spend time transferring utilities to the new address and changing your address with the post office. With so much being involved in a move, hiring professional packers is always beneficial.

You can count on the professionals to pack your items for you, while you focus on other aspects of the move. Once you hire packers, the next step is to prepare for their arrival. Here’s everything you need to know about preparing for a professional moving company. 

Declutter the Entire House

Before the packers arrive, it’s ideal to declutter the entire house. You want to only have items in the house that you plan to bring with you. This will reduce confusion or packing errors. 

To declutter the house, begin by putting items into three different piles. One pile should be for items to donate/sell, another pile is for items to throw away, and the last pile is for the items you’re going to bring with you into the new home. 

Declutter the house room by room to make things easier for you. Then, once the packers arrive, you’ll only have items in the house that you plan to keep. 

Start Cleaning Every Room

It’s a good idea to clean after packers leave, but you don’t want to save all the cleaning for after their departure. Start cleaning the house now. Get everything organized, so the packing process is simplified. 

Then, once the packers leave, you won’t have as much cleaning to do. 

Plan to Transport Certain Items

Do keep in mind that not all items are safe for packers to transport. You will need to contact your packers ahead of time and ask what items they’re not able to move for you. Then, you need to plan to transport these items yourself.

These items might include perishables, hazardous items, and live plants. Place any nontransportable items in their own room and let the packers know that room is off-limits. A small bathroom or closet will work well. 

Set Aside Your Fragile/Valuable Items

Professional packers/movers will gladly transport fragile/valuable items for you with great care. However, it’s essential that you let the packers know what these items are. If you have multiple fragile or valuable items, then set them aside. 

Let the packers know that all items in that room or area are valuable items that should be handled with great care. 

It’s Time to Contact Professional Packers

Now that you know how to prepare for their arrival, it’s time to contact professional packers! At Tri-Star Moving, we offer a full-service solution to all your moving needs. We’re here to help with packing and moving for both residential and commercial clients.

Request a free quote today to see how we can help you.