Did you know that moving can be even more stressful than a divorce? 

Hiring a moving company helps make the process easier, but it can be tricky to know where to start. Acquiring moving quotes help give an estimate of the amount you’ll spend. 

So, what’s the best way to get an accurate quote? In this article, we’ll go over 4 tips you can follow to get the best moving quotes in Nashville, TN.

If you’re interested in learning how the best way to get your moving quote, keep reading!

1. Collect At Least Three Quotes

With any sort of price estimate, you don’t want to go with the first option. The same principle applies to hiring a moving company. 

Moving quotes help you get an idea of how much your move will cost. By receiving three or four quotes, you’ll be able to compare prices and determine the best option for your situation. 

Though going with the cheapest option seems like the obvious choice, there are a few other qualities of a moving company you may look for. These include:

  • Discounts and promotions
  • On-site estimates
  • How long the move will take

When a company is willing to add discounts and promotions, it shows that they are willing to handle your situation on an individual basis. Also, on-site estimates are the best way to minimize unforeseen circumstances such as unaccounted items. 

And by knowing how long the move will take, you’ll be able to plan any hotel stays or gas refills in advance.

2. Start as Soon as Possible

One of the best ways to receive discounts and promotions is to begin your process early. This flexibility gives time for companies to coordinate your move. 

Most of the time, sellers don’t have the option to start early because of their set closing date. But if you have the chance, starting early will affect your moving cost.

3. Learn Moving Quote Terminology

The cost of movers is usually presented with “binding” and “non-binding” estimates. Before you agree to anything, it’s important to first understand your agreement. Here are the terms to familiarize yourself with:

  • Binding moving estimate
  • Non-binding moving estimate
  • Binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate

A binding moving estimate holds the mover to the exact quoted price. There is no flexibility in case of extra boxes or severe weather.

A non-binding moving estimate gives a little more flexibility when it comes to the weight of your shipment, which will cause the price to fluctuate. But a binding-not-to-exceed moving estate will allow you to pay less than your original quote if your items weigh less than the estimate. 

4. Be Honest With Yourself

In order to avoid inaccurate quotes, you must be accurate and honest with yourself first. Knowing the exact number of boxes or miles you’ll move instead of estimation helps the moving company give you an accurate price.

And you must inform the companies of any event that may add an extra charge such as snow or the absence of an elevator in your new apartment building.

Moving Quotes

Moving can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be when you receive your moving quote. By getting multiple moving quotes, you ensure that you’ll get the best price possible for your move.

Starting as soon as possible, learning terminology, and being as accurate as possible will help you get the best prices.

If you’re interested in receiving a Tennessee moving quote, contact us for more information!