In recent years, more people have been moving to Nashville. Music City offers amazing views and a big-city feel, while also offering the community and closeness of a small town. If you’re looking to relocate your family (or start one!) in Nashville, there are some great neighborhoods for you.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the best Nashville neighborhoods for families. These neighborhoods trend suburban but are still close to the heart of the city. Whether you’re looking for high walkability or big yards, there’s a neighborhood for you.

The Best Nashville Neighborhoods for Families

These are neighborhoods that have lots of space, affordable prices, or close proximity to the heart of Nashville. Many of these neighborhoods are technically suburbs of Nashville proper, but still offer the best aspects of Nashville living.

These are the best places to live in Nashville.

1. Mt. Juliet

Mount Juliet is east of Nashville, nestled in a gorgeous area with a view of the Smokies. Mt. Juliet has a thriving community all its own to compliment Nashville’s. There are tons of dining and entertainment options in Mt. Juliet itself.

Mt. Juliet is only about half an hour’s drive away from the heart of Nashville. You’ll have access to all that Nashville has to offer while still living in a quiet suburb.

2. Brentwood

Possibly one of Nashville’s most prominent suburbs, Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood that’s perfect for families. Brentwood is about twenty minutes south of Nashville and boasts high property values that are bound to appreciate.

Brentwood high school is also one of Tennessee’s top five high schools. Though Brentwood homes are pricier, the community makes it worth the investment.

3. Nolensville

Nolensville has some of the best school systems in Nashville and the surrounding area. It’s a tidy, quiet suburb with plenty of playgrounds and other social hubs. Nolensville offers housing for families of all sizes and budgets.

Nolensville is a great affordable suburb. Since it hasn’t become as popular as Brentwood or Mt. Juliet, you can still snag a great housing deal.

4. Five Points

If you want the comfort of a house but want to be able to walk into the city, Five Points is a great neighborhood. This cozy area has tons of families and young professionals and boasts multiple parks and daycares.

The homes are usually cottages and bungalows. If you have a young child, or older kids ready to start working, this neighborhood is perfect for you.

5. Hermitage

Hermitage is very popular for families and working professionals who want to be near the heart of town. Hermitage is barely 15 minutes away from downtown Nashville and even has a train straight into the city. This neighborhood is vibrant and convenient but still has gorgeous colonial homes at affordable prices.

Hermitage is an area steeped in history. If you want to live in a place with ties to America’s beginnings, this neighborhood is perfect for you.

Come See What Nashville Has to Offer!

We hope this guide to the best Nashville neighborhoods helped narrow down your house hunt. Nashville is a vibrant, welcoming city that will be happy to take you in. Come start your new life in the good old Music City!

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