More than 80 people are a day moving to Nashville, Tenn. A strong job market and appealing nightlife options are some of the reasons that Music City has mass appeal.

So if you are moving here or moving out to capitalize on a red hot real estate market, you need to hire the right movers to get the job done. But, of course, not all companies are as reliable as others, so what questions should you ask a Nashville moving company? 

The best movers are not only the ones you can afford but that offer the best services that fit your need. Also, you need to research their reliability and capability to deliver your precious items on time and in one piece. 

In the following article, we’ll help you determine the best moving company by identifying five questions you should ask before you hire movers. 

1. Do You Do In-Person Estimates, and Are They Binding?

Many moving companies don’t take a look at your possessions before they give you an estimate. If this is the case, then these estimates are usually not binding. The final rate is determined once your stuff is packed on the truck.

Many people with a good sense of how many boxes it will take to pack up their stuff or have a definite idea of the space their furniture takes up will have no problem with this arrangement.

Otherwise, you may want to insist on a company that gives an in-person estimate.  For example, if you are moving from a one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom, you probably have a good idea of how much stuff you need to be transported. However, if you are moving from a three-bedroom home with a full garage to another single-family home, it may be more difficult for you to make an on-target estimate. 

2. What Are Your Extra Fees?

You should ask the moving company you’re considering if you should expect extra fees for flights of stairs, mileage and gas, big-item fees, and any other possible surcharges. 

Sometimes an initial estimate isn’t as good a deal after calculating the extras like insurance fees and fuel surcharges. 

3. Do You Assemble and Reassemble furniture?

One of the most significant fees you’ll want o to inquire about is if the company disassembles and reassembles your larger furniture pieces. If you’ve ever had to take apart and reassemble your kids’ bunkbeds or cribs, then you know what an excellent service this is. 

However, if you are a young person with not many pieces to take apart, maybe you can find a good deal but do not need this service. 

4. What Are Your Packing Requirements?

If you are packing yourself up, make sure you ask the moving company what type of boxes and other items you need to procure to pack up right. For example, some companies won’t touch fragile boxes without the proper inside packaging. Others insist on the right size of container for their trucks.

5. Do You Have References, Insurance, Workers Compensation?

After you’ve taken care of the nuts and bolts of moving, ask some questions that guarantee the company is on the money. Ask for references, how long the company has been in business and if they are insured and bonded. These are a great way to determine the dependability of the moving company.

Lastly, one way to ensure the company is a good one is to ask if their employees receive worker’s compensation. This often is a good indicator of the respectability and success of the company. 

Ready to Book a Nashville Moving Company?

Remember that the Nashville moving company you chose needs to get your stuff in one piece and on time. Doing your research and making the extra calls on references is a great way to make sure that your estimate is worth the paper it’s printed on.

Are you ready to get moving? Contact us today to get our trucks moving in your direction.