Moving is exciting because it represents a new chapter in your life, whether you want it or not. However, unless you hire professional movers, there’s really no such thing as easy moving. 

Trying to do it yourself can involve thrown out backs, high stress, and multiple days trying to heal yourself in bed afterward. When approximately 13 percent of Americans move every year, that’s a lot of stress and thrown out backs to account for.

Keep reading to discover how professional movers and their services provided can render less stress on your moving day. 

Why Use Professional Movers?

If you’ve ever moved before, you’ll have experienced the aches and pains that come with the process. Renting a truck and getting the job done yourself might seem like a better decision, but you must consider the ramifications. 

There are not only potential injuries to worry about but also increased stress and potential fights. For example, one aspect of moving people forget is taking apart their furniture. 

Taking apart your dressers and bed frames might seem like a simple task, but it does require a lot of cooperation. And when you’re on a time crunch to get out of your old home, it can lead to numerous fights and increased stress levels. 

These issues are easily mitigated by using professional movers that have multiple offerings. The services provided by professional movers include furniture assembly and disassembly. So you can rest assured that they have all the required tools to get the job swiftly completed. 

Loading and Unloading

Do you remember the struggle of loading and unloading large pieces of furniture like your sofa and bed in college? The constant dings on the walls and potential for broken toes if the other person drops the end they’re carrying? 

Using professional movers means that all your bulky items no longer present any hazards to you or your helpers. It’s about time you say goodbye to frustratingly trying to squeeze your favorite sofa through narrow doors. Or even dropping heavy dressers while going up the stairs.

Like any profession, movers have the experience required that allows them to know how to exactly maneuver your bulky furniture through tight areas. 

One of the problems when moving, especially in big cities, is finding a spot to park their truck when they unload. Additionally, you may need to get a parking permit to guarantee a legal spot for your moving truck. 


Whether you’re moving to a new state, a nearby neighborhood or clear across the country, you can rely on professional movers to get your items to you on time. 

Moving to a new part of town involves having to navigate through unfamiliar territory. That can lead to missing your exit on the highway, wrong turns and getting stuck in heavy traffic. 

Professional movers, however, find the best available routes to get your items from your old home to the new in the most time-efficient way. That leaves time for you to enjoy a relaxing drive while getting excited about the new chapter in your life. 

Moving Day

There are several costs to consider when faced between moving yourself or hiring professional movers. If you do it yourself, it’s not just the cost of the truck and gas but also the amount of labor you put into the move. 

Get in touch with one of our specialists to see how our services can help reduce your stress and labor on your next moving day.