More than 11 percent of Americans move every year. One of the most common questions they ask is whether they should do it themselves or hire a moving company to take care of it.

Hiring movers has a lot of benefits. Let’s look at 5 reasons to work with professional movers.

1. Hiring a Moving Company is Safer

Hiring a moving company is safer for you and your belongings.

They do all the heavy lifting so you don’t need to worry about injuring yourself by moving furniture and other large items. And they know how to pack everything properly to protect it against damage in transit so your valuable belongings will arrive at their destination safe and intact.

2. You’ll Likely Save Money

It might seem like doing the work yourself would save you money compared to paying a moving company but it’s not as simple as it seems.

If you move yourself, you’ll likely end up renting a truck, buying boxes, and buying or renting moving blankets and other protective gear. A moving company provides those things as part of the cost.

When you add them all up, moving yourself will likely be more expensive than paying for professionals to handle the job for you.

3. Your Move Will Be More Efficient

Professional movers know their business. They can get things done quickly and efficiently.

If you move yourself, you’ll end up wasting time simply because you don’t have as much experience. It will take you longer to move everything and you may have to make more trips because you can’t pack as effectively.

You’ll also have to recruit friends or family to help. If you don’t get enough helpers, the job could take even longer.

4. It’s Much Easier to Hire a Moving Company

Aside from the time you’ll save, hiring movers takes a lot of work off your plate. Moving is hard work and if you’re not used to doing hours of physical labor, it’s going to wear you out.

Moving companies also offer unique services like appliance installation or furniture assembly that can make other parts of your move easier as well.

5. You’ll Benefit from Their Experience

Moving seems like a simple job. Just load everything in the truck at one end and unload it at the other.

But there’s more to it than that. You need to know how to pack fragile items to protect them from damage, how to maneuver large items up stairs or through tight spots, and how to pack a truck most efficiently, among other things.

Movers have years of experience with those things and know how to deal with all the unexpected problems that can pop up during a move.

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