Are you moving homes and considering hiring a moving company to help you do it? Strong employees with huge vans to take the neatly packed boxes from your old home to your new is probably what you are expecting.

But did you know that moving companies offer a host of services that will make your move smooth and stress-free?

Check out these three unique moving services in Nashville to help you properly plan, prepare, and reap the benefits.

1. Appliance Installation

You may be able to move your furniture around to see what looks good and where, but what about installing all your appliances again? This is no easy feat and most owners only know the basics about electricals, plumbing, and hoses involved in making all of your household appliances work.

Yes, you could use the installation manuals, but there’s no guarantee that it would turn out as planned – it never does with manuals, does it? Nashville movers have you covered, as do most moving services, with appliance installation.

For an extra fee, you can rest assured that all of your appliances will be installed with expert knowledge ready for you to use your washer and dryer the moment that you unpack your bags.

2. Rigging

What happens when you’re dealing with large pieces of furniture that cannot be unassembled and narrow stairways and door frames? This can cause a headache on moving day as you try to angle your couch in the exact right way to walk up the staircase.

Oftentimes, the best way to protect your belongings, and sometimes the only way to get larger pieces into the house is rigging it through windows. This requires specialized equipment and knowledgeable operators.

This is another one of the lesser-known, but very useful, moving services Nashville. The moving company will use a rope-and-pulley system to hoist your furniture into the upper levels, exactly where it needs to be.

3. Assembling Furniture

Taking apart furniture is pretty simple, it’s the putting it back together that poses a challenge. Most furniture which can be taken apart will have to be for the big move.

Putting it back together, especially if you’ve misplaced or don’t have the manual, can be very complicated. It’s not only time-consuming, but you also risk breaking or damaging your furniture if you go in blindfolded.

Moving companies offer a furniture assembly service which is very beneficial when you have a lot of pieces of unassembled furniture. The movers are experienced and can safely disassemble and reassemble pieces. All you have you have to worry about is packing the small stuff

Hiring Best Moving Services in Nashville

Who would have thought that you could benefit from these special moving services in Nashville? Rather than dreading the big move, by utilizing these extra services you’ll be looking forward to setting up and moving into your new home.

Tri-Star Moving, your Nashville local movers, offer all these services and more. We will handle your move professionally and with care. Contact us today for a quote.