There are so many steps leading up to and beyond moving, it’s no wonder people get overwhelmed. Luckily, the moving out process doesn’t have to be painful! To help you move out with ease, we’ve created a quick-moving day checklist that will help things go as smoothly as possible! So if you’ve got a move coming up, keep reading for some helpful advice you’ll want to know!

Wake Up Early

There’s no way around it, moving day can be a long one! To make sure you have plenty of time, rise as early as possible. This will help give you peace of mind as well as provide a cushion for any unexpected complications. 

Once you wake up, get yourself some breakfast and water to help you start your day off refreshed. 

Organize Your Boxes

While you should do most of your organizing prior to move-in day, you likely will have a few things left to do. Be sure to set aside boxes and items that won’t be loaded onto the moving truck, and check that all essentials are accounted for. 

While you wait for your movers to arrive, take time to set everything up. Have all moving materials ready, and keep things as organized as possible. When the truck arrives, you’ll be able to quickly load everything up and be on your way!

Double Check Your Old Home

Once everything is loaded onto the truck, don’t forget to give your old home a final sweep. Pick up any stray items that may have been hiding under furniture, and remove any materials left over from the moving process. 

It’s also a good idea to take a photo of each room to help prove the condition you left the home in later on. If there is any last-minute cleaning you need to do, this is a good time to do it. 

Once you’re finished, make sure your old home is properly shut down and locked up. 

Guide Your Movers

If you’ve hired a professional moving company to help eliminate moving day stress, be sure to guide them as they work.

Help your movers ensure that they place all boxes and furniture into the correct room, and make sure you’re around if they have any questions. For many, helping movers gives them peace of mind and actually speeds up the process. 

Set Up the Essentials

With all the work you do on moving day, it can be easy to overlook the little things. When you reach your new home, be sure to have items like toilet paper, towels, kitchen utensils, and other living essentials labeled and ready for use. 

Once you have all the basics set up, you can continue on with work and unloading without worrying that you’ve missed something. And when the day’s work is done, you’ll have everything you’ll need to be comfortable during the first night in your new home. 

Protect Your Privacy

On moving day, you’ll want to ensure that you give yourself some privacy. If you have things set up to do so, hang up curtains and blinds to make sure no one can see where you don’t want them to. 

If you don’t have the hardware for curtains yet, hang up some sheets. It may not be as pretty, but it will protect your privacy as you unpack and unwind. 

Quick and Simple Moving Day Checklist

Preparing ahead of time is the best way to help the moving process go smoothly. By adding these simple steps to your moving day checklist, you can keep the process as painless as possible!

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