Are half-filled boxes and rolls of bubble wrap currently cluttering your home? Over 40 million Americans move each year, but the process is easier for some than others. A stressful move can make the entire experience miserable.

If you want a stress-free move, use these four simple moving day tips. With these tips, you can plan the easiest moving day possible.

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1. Plan Ahead

Above all else, start planning long before the day of your move. Make a list to remain organized. Remaining organized and outlining the tasks you need to complete can help you feel in control.

You can give yourself structure and deadlines to avoid wasting time.

Planning ahead will also help you avoid multitasking in a rush right before the move, which can lead to mistakes. 

Start planning at least two months before your move. For example:

  • Purchase moving boxes
  • Budget expenses
  • Call professional movers for quotes
  • Pack a little every day

Start packing the rooms you use the least often (such as your office or garage) first. Getting these areas out of the way will give you more time to dedicate to rooms like the kitchen. 

2. Budget

Set a budget before your moving day. The cost of hiring professional movers and a truck falls between $908 and $2,503. The average is about $1,700. 

Your budget should include:

  • Boxes, bubble wrap, markers
  • Moving blankets
  • Mattress bags
  • Unexpected costs

Save money by asking for boxes from people you know who recently moved. You can check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if they can cover your move. Ask friends and family members for help, which could also cut costs down. 

3. Stay Mindful

Try to remain mindful of your self-care.

For example, get a good night’s sleep before your big move. Make sure to eat a well-balanced meal to keep your energy levels up.

Use calming techniques like breathing exercises, medication, reading a book, playing games, or practicing yoga beforehand. Working out can help you expel stress, too. 

4. Hire Movers

One of the best ways to plan a stress-free move is to hire the best movers in town.

Make sure to gather multiple quotes three months before your move. Schedule professional services ahead of time. If you call at the last minute, everyone might be booked.

Your professional movers will already have an efficient, organized process in place. They can help take some of the stress off your shoulders.

Look into the additional services they offer (such as packing for you) to see if they can offer extra help. 

Plan a Stress-Free Moving Day

A stress-free move isn’t out of reach. Use these four easy tips to plan a successful, easy moving day. With these tips, you can trust your professional movers to handle the hardest part of the move for you.

Get ready to make a move today!

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