Do you want to move to Nashville, Tennessee?

As of 2020, Nashville, Tennessee, ranked as the 6th most desirable city to live in. Nashville movers are choosing this city as their future home for many reasons.

It’s the combination of big city vibes and the small-town feel the city gives. Mixed in the southern country love, makes Nashville visitors want to stay forever.

You may be considering a long-distance move at the moment. Here are 5 reasons you must move to Nashville, Tennessee.

1 Tennessee Taxes Saves You Money

Tennessee is one of only six states without a personal income tax. Take a moment to think about how much money you could save. Sales taxes are higher, but when you think about it, it’s actually quite reasonable. Instead of paying taxes on your earnings, you pay taxes on what you buy. So, if you spend more, you pay more.

2 The People Gives the Full Southern Hospitality

Nashville is not the only city offering career opportunities, entertainment, and perfect housing. What makes this city so special for people to uproot their families for a long-distance move? I have two words for you: Southern hospitality!

There’s something to do with the southern charm of the city’s people and environment. Outsiders love Nashville because everyone is so friendly and helpful. There is a certain charm about the city, which reflects its residents’ graciousness and kindness. It is not possible to find this level of kindness and love in California or New York City.

Southerners are the only ones with this special quality!

3 The Move to Nashville Is Perfect for Sports Fanatics and Art Lovers

Among the many attractions of Nashville, TN, is its love for country music. But did you know the city also offers a thriving arts scene, live theaters, and cultural events? Thus, moving to Nashville will keep you entertained for hours if you’re a performer or a general art lover.

We must not forget the Nashville movers who are sports fans. There are teams for every sport you can think of in the city, from football to hockey. So it does not matter if you don’t like the Titans or the Predators. Because there are lots of other teams there, you can enjoy it.

4 Nashville Is Known as Music City for a Reason

It is known for its opry music, country music, and even for a few pop hits. Whatever your taste in music, you’re sure to find it in Nashville, Tennessee. The city’s love of music and its promotion made long-distance movers want to stay in the city from the start.

5 Nashville Promotes Education for All

You know Nashville, Tennessee as the music city, but did you know it’s called The Athens of the South too. No, it’s not just because of the replica of the Greek Parthenon. The city holds a reputation of being dedicated to higher learning for its citizens. People have a choice of over 20 colleges to start their education careers.

If you’re moving to Nashville with young children, you don’t need to worry about their education. The city has some of the best public schools due to its high test scores, graduation rates, and safety regulations.

Are You Ready to Move to Nashville

It’s clear that there are countless reasons to move to Nashville, Tennessee. There are fantastic job opportunities, churches, and health care facilities in the city. You can count on Tri-Star for long-distance moving help when you’re ready to move to the Music City. Call us today!