Music moves people to a beat. The Music City makes people move as well. Nashville was the ninth most popular city that people moved to in 2019. Many people are moving to Nashville from the Northeast and coasts. This may be surprising until you figure out the reasons for moving to Tennessee. 

What is Nashville’s standard of living like? What are the neighborhoods that make the city tick? What are some good things to do? 

Answer these questions and you may decide to move to Nashville alongside thousands of others. Here is your quick guide. 

Nashville’s Standard of Living

Nashville has a high standard of living. The monthly cost of expenses is just shy of 2,200 dollars. This does make the city more expensive than Atlanta or Orlando. 

But Nashville makes up for the higher prices. There is no state income tax in Tennessee so you keep the money that you make. Mortgages are available, making homes affordable for many families. 

Nashville’s biggest economic sectors include healthcare and higher education. These are stable industries that remain popular in recessions.

If you are looking to get an education while you work, you can attend classes from a number of universities. Vanderbilt University is one of the nation’s leading schools, especially in the sciences. 

It is easy to move into Nashville. You can fly into Nashville International Airport from any major airport in the country. Get an accurate moving quote from a company before shipping your belongings out. 

Nashville’s Neighborhoods

The city has a number of neighborhoods, each with its own personality. The Gulch is located near the interstate, making it great for people who need to commute. The neighborhood also hosts a number of bars and music venues to create a fun nightlife. 

Sylvan Park is west of downtown. It has cottage-style homes, making it ideal for new homebuyers. It contains a number of restaurants, including Star Bagel. 

East Nashville is great for artists. The neighborhood hosts the Tomato Art Fest every August. 

As the name suggests, Germantown is home to German-themed restaurants and events. You can also find boutiques and farmers’ markets. 

Things to Do 

The Music City is a hub of music from all over the world. You can visit the Country Music Hall of Fame year-round. You can also stop by numerous music venues and nightclubs throughout the city. 

Nashville is home to professional football and hockey teams. If you want to pursue outdoor sports, you can join different hiking clubs. You can walk through the Edwin and Percy Warner Parks or paddle in the Cumberland River. 

The city is a very diverse area to live in. More than one-quarter of the city identifies as African American. Ten percent identify as Hispanic or Latino. 

As such, you’ll find numerous cultural events throughout the city. Juneteeth celebrations involve street festivals and block parties. 

Start Moving to Nashville 

If you like a bustling city filled with culture, you should consider moving to Nashville. Healthcare and higher education have deep roots in the city. It is affordable to move and buy a home. 

You can select from any number of neighborhoods. You can raise a family in Sylvan Park, or you can make art in East Nashville. 

Nashville is internationally renowned as a musical hub. But if you like sports or outdoor activities, you’ll find plenty to do. 

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