The average American will move about 11.7 times. The thought of that can bring on both excitement and anxiety. 

With moving to new places comes a lot of work. While many people take on the task themselves, you should consider hiring a moving company instead.

Keep reading to learn five reasons why you should opt out of DIY moving.

1. Time Management

Moving involves much more than switching stuff from point a to point b. Typically you need to clean, organize, shop for new things, and renovate the new space. 

Normal life does not pause because you suddenly take on more tasks. Why focus time and energy on moving when you can hire experienced movers to do the work for you?

Professionals can typically get the job done much faster. Plus, the time you save allowing them to do the heavy lifting means you can get yourself settled sooner into your new home.

2. Personal Safety

American businesses see a collective 264 million sick days a year caused by back pain. Heavy lifting commonly causes this ailment.

Aside from a strained back, other common moving injuries include cuts, broken digits, sprained ankles, and knee injuries. Can you afford to lose days of work, not only for moving, but then to recover from moving injuries? 

Save yourself the pain when the question of “Should I move by myself?” arises. Hire professionals who know the proper lifting techniques to protect themselves from injuries.

3. Keeping Items Intact

Some people move by themselves to save money. But, think about the cost of replacing your dining room set, sofa, or other valuables.

When you move your items, you carry them out of one place, load them onto a vehicle, drive them to another place, and then bring them inside. This leaves lots of room for error.

Inexperienced people may drop furniture, bang it into walls, or stack it incorrectly. Any of these mistakes can lead to damaged goods.

Professional movers know how to navigate cumbersome pieces through doorways, up stairwells, and into transit. If you want to keep your belongings safe, let people who know what they are doing handle it.

4. Stress Relief

According to research, moving to a new home causes more stress than getting a divorce. When you move, it creates all sorts of change. The process also comes with other challenges.

One of the best tips for moving is to keep it as stress-free as possible. Let the professionals worry about packing and moving while you tackle the other details.

5. Friends and Family

When people decide on a DIY move, they typically reach out to friends and family for help. While some people will say yes, this often puts a strain on the relationship.

Asking somebody to move for pizza and beer takes away their time, energy, and peace. It also puts people you love at risk of injuring themselves.

Box up the DIY Moving Idea

Consider DIY moving a bad idea. Spend the money on professional movers and save yourself time, energy, pain, stress, and friendships.

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