Around 40 million Americans relocate each year. It’s possible for anyone to enjoy a stress-free business relocation if you follow our foolproof advice.

Relocating your business has the potential to help you reach new markets and increase cash flow. Plus, a change in location could also improve your quality of life in the workplace.

Although moving is beneficial, the moving process itself can get chaotic, especially for businesses. After all, if something goes wrong during a commercial move, it directly affects your business’s bottom line. Preparing yourself for the relocation means you’ll be less likely to run into trouble during the move. 

Here are five solid ways to prepare for moving your business:

1. Develop a Timeline

Commercial moving is a time-sensitive process. Creating a timeline of important dates will help you keep better track of how things are moving along.

Mark key dates on your business calendar so you won’t forget them. Scheduling the dates on your phone’s calendar (with notifications) will make it even easier to stay on top of your business’s big move. Don’t forget to be mindful of the date when your business’s lease expires!

Also, make sure your employees are aware of your timeline. If possible, keep your timeline in a place where employees will see it.

2. Create an Inventory Checklist

Maintaining an inventory checklist helps you keep track of your inventory. It also helps you make sure your inventory makes it to the new location.

Your inventory includes all of your company’s assets. Your office furniture counts as inventory, just like any work-related items your employees use.

3. Hire Local Commercial Movers

If your business is relocating within your state, always hire commercial movers who work for a local company. National movers typically charge more than local movers do.

Other good reasons to hire local movers include their client-centric focus and area-specific knowledge. Meanwhile, national agencies often lack both qualities.

4. Notify Your Clients and Customers

Tell your client/customer base about your relocation multiple times in advance. This prevents your business from losing revenue in the process.

Don’t forget to change the address on your GoogleMyBusiness listing once it’s complete! This will ensure that internet users will be able to contact and visit your business.

5. Prepare Your New Work Space

Set up your business’s electricity, gas, water, phone, and all other utilities at the new location in advance. Then you’ll be able to start preparing the space as soon as your business moves in.

Safely moving during COVID-19 requires you to maintain social distancing measures the whole time. Always wear a mask and keep your distance while preparing the space in other people’s presence.

Confirm that movers will have access to unloading space and loading areas prior to move-in day. If necessary, speak to the building’s management about giving the movers exclusive access to the elevator to make it go quicker.

Your Business Relocation is Counting On You

There are 30.7 million small businesses in the United States. Small businesses and large companies alike benefit from business relocation.

Tennessee is home to 603,310 small businesses alone. Fortunately, Tri-Star Moving is willing to assist local businesses of all sizes with their commercial moving needs.

Take your first step toward relocation—learn more about our commercial moving services. Your business will appreciate the upgrade.