Recent data indicates that more than 35 people are relocating to the Nashville area each day. 

Nashville, Tennessee, and Mt. Juliet has become the ideal location to live, even with a family. Although Nashville has a reputation full of music and nightlife, there are plenty of jobs and affordable housing in the area. If you’re looking at relocating, there are a few neighborhoods you’ll want to know about.

Read below to discover the best Nashville suburbs for families so you can pack and let us help with the rest! 

Green Hills

One of the most impressive Nashville neighborhoods is Green Hills.

Green Hills falls into the best Nashville suburbs for families. It has beautiful houses, shopping, and entertainment to keep your family busy when you’re not at work or school. Although Green Hills is more expensive than other areas, you’ll save time and money without commuting to the city. 

When you request a moving quote for Mt. Juliet and Nashville, you must consider your needs. Take a look at the services we offer to ensure all bases are covered! 


If you’re searching for the best Nashville suburbs for families, you don’t want to overlook Gallatin.

Gallatin is located just north of the city and is on Old Hickory Lake. This is the ideal location for adventurous families who like to explore the woods and water. Gallatin is known for its beautiful views, fishing, and hiking trails. 

You can live in Nashville without dealing with the stress of the city. Schools are highly rated and most homes are affordably priced. Our team can help you prepare for moving day, so the transition goes smoothly! 

Mount Juliet 

The neighborhood of Mt. Juliet is often referred to as the “Land Between the Lakes.”

You can live between Old Hickory Lake and Percy Priest Lake in this beautiful location. Mount Juliet has seen an influx of new-build homes, but there are plenty of old Renaissance styles to select from. The mix of new and older homes makes this area more affordable around Nashville. 

You won’t be far from the city and there are excellent schools nearby! 


If you’re okay with a 30-minute commute to the city, Hendersonville should be on your radar. 

Although you’ll be further from the city, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life, with water nearby. Studies show that there are physical and mental benefits of seeing water, which makes this a perfect location. You can help your family adjust to a beautiful area, instead of getting overwhelmed with the city. 

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Discover the Best Nashville Suburbs for Families 

There are many perks to living in Nashville, but inside the city, tourists and traffic line the streets. 

You can get the best of both worlds by hiring Nashville movers and relocating. Movers are useful if you’re leaving the city and don’t want to deal with loading a truck. With TN offering so many opportunities, you can find the best Nashville suburbs for families. 

Finding a moving company in Nashville can be overwhelming, but we can relieve you of some stress. Take the time to request a free quote from Tri-Star Moving so you have one less thing to worry about!