Fine art doesn’t just add beauty and visual intrigue to your home. Precious paintings also function as a significant asset and one that more wealth managers are interested in these days.

It’s no wonder, then, that moving paintings that are rare or valuable can cause a lot of anxiety for art collectors. How can you make sure that none of your pieces get lost or damaged in the process?

Read on as we share professional tips and tricks on how to pack artwork for moving the right way.

Protect the Glass

Just like packing and moving timelines work best when done step by step, packing paintings should follow a certain order. If your painting is in a frame with a glass panel, you’ll need to start by protecting the glass. 

Make the glass more pressure-resistant by covering the edges with tape and overlapping several more pieces in a criss-cross pattern. Use painter’s tape so you can easily remove it with no residue.

Protect the Frame

Next, you need to protect the frame. Use bubble wrap and tape to wrap and secure the corners of the frame. Then, wrap and tape the entire painting with acid-free parchment or packing paper.

Never use acidic paper or newspaper on fine art, especially oil paintings that don’t have a protective glass front. Acid can damage the paint and canvas while newsprint can transfer to the artwork. 

Use Specialty Boxes

Once you’ve wrapped your paintings, you’re going to want to put them into thin cardboard boxes and seal them up. If possible, use specialty boxes built for paintings. These boxes are narrow and won’t leave room for the painting to slide around for lean forward.

If you don’t want to invest in specialty boxes, be sure to fill in any extra space around your paintings to prevent movement. Use materials like packing paper, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts. One low-cost option is to cut foam board to create an additional protective frame.

Hire Experienced Movers

When you’re stressed about your next big move and don’t have the time, materials, or know how to pack up your belongings, consider hiring an experienced moving company.

Professional movers have packed and moved all types of property, from large furniture to fine art and other fragile items. From the first layer of bubble wrap to the loading spot in the truck, they’ll take the utmost care to move your art with zero damage. 

Tri-Star Moving Makes Moving Paintings a Breeze

If you’ve built up a collection of valuable artwork, protecting that artwork is naturally going to be top of mind when you move. Use these steps to make moving paintings a breeze and partner with Tri-Star Moving for professional care.

Tri-Star Moving is a locally owned and operated moving company in Nashville that can tackle moves of any size within state lines. We are licensed and insured, and bring years of experience to the table. Contact us to let us know more about your move and we’ll send back a free quote.