About 64% of people say that moving is more stressful than having kids or getting divorced. 

Moving is hectic and involves a great deal of preparation, from buying packing supplies to booking the movers. How can you be sure that you’re packing everything carefully enough, and what if something breaks? Plus, there’s the hassle of moving those heavy boxes and furniture onto the truck. 

It’s enough to stress anyone out. However, hiring packing services makes your job much easier. Here’s why you should consider going this route. 

You Save Time With Packing Services

Most people can’t afford to take time off work to start packing their belongings. Those that wait until the weekend often find themselves working until moving day, ensuring everything is packed and ready to go. 

Sometimes, there isn’t enough time to do it all on your own. A professional packing service has the expertise necessary to carefully and efficiently wrap your belongings. They know how to store items, which boxes to use, and how to secure the boxes for the trip. 

When you pack belongings yourself, there’s always a chance they may shift during the move and break or spill. 

Leaving it to a packing company gives you more time to handle the other moving-related tasks, reducing the stress you have to go through.

You Protect Fragile Items

Many people have antiques or delicate items that require extra care. You can’t simply throw these items into a box. Professional packers know how to wrap and store these belongings to ensure they’re safe and secure during the journey. 

People often make the mistake of overfilling boxes or placing fragile items such as glassware or porcelain next to heavier items that can crush or break them. Additionally, it’s important to clearly label boxes containing fragile items, so they’re appropriately stored in the truck. 

Moving Companies Have Insurance

Another benefit of working with packing companies is that they’re required to insure their cargo. They’re trained and experienced in how to pack and move your belongings, so they know what they’re doing. As a result, they’re far less likely to make mistakes. 

When you work with a professional company rather than someone you find on Craigslist, you’ll have added peace of mind. If something does break or turn up missing, it will be easier to file a claim or notify them. 

Of course, it’s still a good idea to invest in additional moving insurance, as mandated coverage only covers $0.60 per pound. Movers are only human, and accidents do happen. However, it’s still better to go with a moving company that packs and transports your belongings with care rather than someone inexperienced. 

Nashville Packing Services to the Rescue

There are many reasons to invest in professional packing services, but the biggest advantage is that we can make your moving experience far less stressful. 

Are you in need of packing services in Nashville, TN? We’d be happy to give you a hand. Get a free quote on our packing services today to learn more.