If you’re prepared, it can take you as little as three days to pack your home. Unfortunately, sometimes packing your house can take far longer, depending on how big your house is or how much stuff you have. Packing can be the last thing you want to do when you’re getting ready for a move. 

As you prepare for your upcoming move, you might’ve asked yourself, “Do moving companies pack for you?” Hiring someone to pack on your behalf is a great way to decrease your workload. You can focus on the other aspects of moving while professionals handle the rest. 

This guide will talk about whether or not moving companies can pack for you. We’ll also discuss the types of things you should keep in mind when hiring moving packers. 

Do Moving Companies Pack for You?

Yes, you can hire a moving company to pack for you. They have experience packing in both residential and commercial locations. Some of the tasks movers can help you with include:

  • Providing packing supplies
  • Carefully pack your belongings
  • Load your furniture and boxes onto a moving truck

You can also hire movers to unpack your boxes once you get to your new home.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Packers?

Hiring movers to pack your belongings provides you with numerous advantages. Some of them include:

  • Ensuring your belongings are securely packed
  • Your items will be packed neatly and organized
  • They’ll use their professional experience to make sure your items are safely transported
  • Save yourself time and stress 

What Movers Won’t Pack

There might be some items that you would feel more comfortable handling yourself. However, there are some things that movers can’t pack, such as:

  • Live plants
  • Chemicals
  • Jewelry and cash
  • Animals
  • Weapons and ammunition 
  • Items soiled by bodily fluid
  • Belongings that show signs of mold or infestation

Most moving companies are equipped to transport heavy items, like appliances and pianos. Keep in mind that there might be an additional fee for those. 

What to Do Before the Packers Come

Professional packers will bring the supplies they need to pack your belongings. Create an inventory of all the items you want them to pack. You should also make a list of the belongings you plan on packing. 

Pack a suitcase that includes the following:

  • Important documents
  • Medications
  • Toiletries
  • Changes of clothing

It might take a few days for your belongings to show up at your new home. This depends on how far your new house is from your current one. Having your items with you will ensure you stay comfortable during that process. 

Hire Professional Packers in Mt. Juliet

In short, the answer to “Do moving companies pack for you” is yes. You’ll experience peace of mind knowing your belongings are being safely packed and transported. You can focus on other aspects of your move, like getting settled in your new home. 

The experienced packers and movers at Tri-Star Moving are here to assist you with your upcoming move. Reach out to our team to get a moving and packing quote today.