Moving is one of the most stressful things you will ever do. So, it’s no surprise many people choose to work with a professional moving company to make the whole process much easier. If one thing is guaranteed to make your move even more stressful, it’s hidden costs and a super expensive moving quote.

Luckily, as local Mt. Juliet movers, we can give you a breakdown of the cost of moving, what to expect, and things to watch out for.

Read on to find out more about getting a moving quote in Mt. Juliet.

Average Moving Costs

Most local movers will charge between $25-$60 per hour for each mover. Moving under 50 miles is generally considered local. For a local move, a total cost of $1,200 is considered the market average.

A long-distance move of over 600 miles may cost over $1,000.  

Common Moving Costs

Here’s a breakdown of things professional moving companies consider when providing a quote:


The distance between points A and B is a big part of the quote. The longer the distance, the more expensive a quote is.


There’s a big difference between moving clothes and moving a sofa. Most moving quotes are calculated by approximate weight.


Similarly, moving extremely large or bulky items may cost extra. If they require additional storage space or special handling, you can expect a bigger bill.


Unfortunately, some things may occasionally get broken during a move. Moving quotes should include liability and valuation costs, which protect both you and the company if something expensive is damaged.

Labor: The more you have to move, the more trips your movers will have to make and the longer it will take. Most quotes will work on an average hourly rate of the estimated time and cost of labor.

Getting a Good Quote

Some moving companies may try to hit you with extra charges and additional moving fees for things like the initial moving survey. 

For example, packing services may provide you with a quote that doesn’t include materials. After a full day of using boxes, tape, and packaging to secure your items, you might find yourself with a hefty bill.

In addition, a full-service company will help pack and unpack. This includes placing heavier or bulky items into the room they need to end up in.

It’s worth checking if your moving company is going to help upload items into the right places or if they will simply empty the truck on the street.

Get a Free Moving Quote in Mt. Juliet

If you are looking to move, contacting a local Mt. Juliet moving company will likely result in a much lower quote. Local companies won’t need to travel a long distance to get to you and can use local knowledge to ensure everything runs smoothly in the run-up to the move.

Depending on how much you want to move and how far you’re going, a professional moving company can make the most stressful thing in life a piece of cake.

For a bespoke, accurate moving quote in Mt. Juliet, get in touch with us today for a free quote with no obligation.