Moving is a big life event that comes with a lot of planning, not to mention stress. According to data from Market Watch, the average cost to hire moving services in the United States is approximately $8,100

Before you start your next relocation adventure, it’s crucial to know about a few key packing tips, including how to tape a moving box.

Read on to discover some insight about how to tape your boxes the right way so your stuff doesn’t get tossed around during the journey.

Try the H-Taping Method

When you think about how to tape a moving box, envision the tape forming the letter H. You’ll start by taping the seam of the box as you normally would bring the edges together.

Once that step is done, line the vertical edges that are along the sides of the box and tape them together tightly. When all is said and done, your tape job should look like a capital letter H.

How to Tape a Moving Box with the Snowflake Method

Another way you can give your boxes some structural support is through the snowflake method. Start by choosing a side, then use two separate pieces of tape to create an X on the box, lining it from corner to corner.

Next, use your packing tape to add two more pieces that form a plus sign over the top. In total, you should have four pieces of tape on the box that covers almost every angle.

Choose the Right Tape

Your packing tape should be specially made for moving, which means that it should be labeled as such. Never use masking tape, painter’s tape, or craft tape to seal boxes or box flaps.

Always look for tape that’s specifically designed for moving, whether you’re using lightweight boxes or heavy-duty boxes. The key is in the way the tape is made since it has a stronger, thicker composition than most other types of tape. If you’re shipping items, you can use clear shipping tape, but it’s not fit for moving.

Inspect Your Boxes

If you’re purchasing moving boxes that you need to tape yourself, make sure they’re sealed securely on the bottom before packing them. For those boxes you plan to reuse, inspect the bottom and confirm that it’s taped tightly. If not, you can always add more tape before you fill it up.

Always consider what you’re packing when choosing moving boxes. Lightweight boxes are great for clothing and small items, while heavy-duty boxes should be reserved for larger and bulkier items. Put the heaviest items on the bottom and the lighter items on top before sealing the boxes shut.

Start Your Move Today

Remember these tips about how to tape a moving box to make your next move safe and easy. With the right methods, quality tape, and the right boxes, you’ll be a packing pro in no time. 

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