When gearing up for a big move, most people get preoccupied with the boxes – and for good reason. Depending on the size of your home, you could need to scrounge up 45 boxes or more! 

However, there’s one element that’s just as important, if not more so: your moving tape. Choosing the best tape for moving boxes ensures that your goods stay in place en route to your new home, and they prevent unwanted ripping and item loss. Here’s what to know about choosing the right tape.

The Best Tape for Moving Boxes

There are a few types of tape you may want to consider for your boxes, though your best bet will depend on your needs.

Long-Term Storage: Packing Tape

Also called “storage tape,” packing tape is perfect for moving boxes that you’re expecting not to unbox for a while.

This strong, waterproof tape has a heavy adhesive and can withstand years of heat, cold, and high humidity. This makes it great when you want to be sure the tape you choose won’t lose its ability to stick over time.

When in doubt, consider this your top choice! You can find it in both clear and solid brown options.

Quick Storage: Shipping Tape

Shipping tape is a clear tape sold for use when mailing items. It’s strong enough to stand up to frequent handling during the shipping process, which makes it great for the moving process as well.

Compared with packing tape, this option may not be great for long-term storage, as it can lose some of its stickiness over time. However, it’s perfect for getting your belongings from one place to another in the short term.

Tapes to Avoid on Your Moving Boxes

It’s tempting to grab any old roll of tape you have lying around your house while you’re packing, but avoid the urge! These common tapes won’t work well with your moving boxes:

Duct Tape

Thanks to its waterproof rubber adhesive, this household staple can tackle almost any job.

Any job, that is, except sticking well to cardboard. The adhesive doesn’t bond well with certain materials, and it can leave behind a sticky residue if you leave whatever you’ve taped in high heat. Don’t trust it for boxing sensitive electronics or delicate items!

Paper Tape

Paper tape, or “masking tape,” is surprisingly ineffective on cardboard as well. Most options won’t be wide or sticky enough to keep your boxes shut unless you use a lot of tape.

However, you can use paper tape to create impromptu labels on boxes as needed. Its lighter color stands out well under a permanent marker.

Make the Most of Your Move

Now that you know which tape to reach for as you pack for your big day, it’s time to get started with your move. Choosing either packing or shipping tape as the best tape for your moving boxes can help protect your belongings from the start.

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