Planning and executing a flawless move might seem like a difficult challenge to take on. There are many important steps to take during the process that you don’t want to forget. You’ll even need to take time off of your busy schedule to set aside for moving.

One of those important steps involved in the moving process is unpacking all of your personal belongings into your new home. How hard could it be to unpack boxes? The idea of unpacking doesn’t seem too difficult until you’re faced with an overwhelming amount of boxes, each filled with several items that all belong in their own specific room/place. 

Don’t become overwhelmed by an endless number of moving boxes. Continue reading our unpacking guide below for all of the best unpacking tips and advice!

1. Place Boxes in Designated Rooms

When packing up your old home, it’s important to label everything. You should mark your boxes according to the room they belong in. When you’re ready to unpack, place boxes in their designated rooms. 

A color-coding system works well for this reason. Use colored tape to label the room the box belongs in and what’s in the box. For example, all kitchen boxes will have blue tape, while all bathroom boxes will have red tape. 

Don’t place all boxes in one room. As soon as you bring the boxes into your new home, place them in the room they belong in. 

2. Unpack One Room at a Time

Once you’ve brought all the boxes inside and have placed them in their designated rooms, you can then begin the unpacking process. Unpack your moving boxes one room at a time. This is a great way to stay organized and prevent procrastination. 

Choose a room that you use the most and unpack that room first. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens are normally first priority for unpacking. 

3. Have Everyone Unpack Their Own Room

If there are multiple people living in the house, then it works well to have each person unpack their own bedroom. Let children unpack their own rooms as long as they’re old enough to do so. When everyone pitches in, the unpacking process goes much quicker. 

This also allows everyone to place things where they want in their bedrooms and know where everything is. 

4. Break Down the Boxes as You Go

Don’t wait until everything is unpacked to begin breaking down the boxes. You’ll be left with towers of moving boxes, which can feel overwhelming. To prevent this from happening, break down the boxes as you go.

Each time you empty a box, break the box down and set it to the side. Create a pile of broken-down boxes to remove once the entire room is unpacked. 

5. Recruit Professional Help From Movers

There’s nothing simple about the moving process. There are a lot of aspects to plan for and delegate. Unpacking boxes is just one of the many things on your to-do list. 

To make things easier for everyone, consider recruiting the help of professional movers. Movers can pack, transport, and unpack your personal belongings for you in a safe and careful matter. 

Let Us Help You Unpack Boxes With Ease

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