Are you preparing for a move? You’re not alone. The average American moves almost 12 times in their lifetime.

Moving to a new home can be overwhelming if you don’t approach it strategically. If you don’t begin early, you risk stressing yourself out if you run out of time to pack. You must be smart and know what to pack first when moving.

If you want to make packing your home a stress-free experience, continue reading. This blog offers valuable insights.

Begin With Stuff in Storage

Starting our list of “what to pack first when moving” is anything you have in storage. The low-priority items in storage often represent things no longer in regular use. This provides an opportunity to declutter and minimize your belongings before the move.

Packing stored items first allows you to create an organized packing system. You can group similar items like holiday decorations, unused kitchenware, or seasonal clothing. This makes it easier to unpack and arrange them in your new home.

Move on to Out-of-Season Clothing

When moving home, tackling out-of-season clothing is a smart and space-saving strategy. Here’s how to approach it:

Before packing, take the time to sort through your out-of-season clothes. Separate items you no longer wear or need into a “donate” or “sell” pile.

Bulky items like winter coats, sweaters, and snow pants can occupy much space. Store them in vacuum-sealed bags to reduce their volume.

Create a packing list and clearly label each box with the season and type of clothing it contains. This will help you quickly identify and access the items you need when unpacking.

Pack Up Delicate Items

Your fragile items are next on our “what to pack when moving” list. These include fine china, crystal, silver, and other pieces that aren’t used daily. 

Don’t pack the crockery you use every day. You can leave that until closer to moving day. Here are some tips for packing delicate items when moving:

  1. Gather the Right Packing Materials: Bubble wrap is a must-have for cushioning fragile items
  2. Prepare Your Items: Separate items into categories, such as dishes, glassware, and figurines, to prevent them from clashing or breaking

Box Up Books, Decor, and Artwork

Finally, pack up books you’re not reading, decor from around the house, and wall artwork. You aren’t using these things daily, so packing them early can help you stay on schedule.

However, watch the weight of the box when packing up books! You don’t want to overload the boxes as your movers won’t be happy.

Knowing What to Pack First When Moving

Moving to a new home is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning and organization. Knowing what to pack first when moving can help you save time, reduce stress, and ensure a smooth transition. 

Start with items in storage, out-of-season clothing, delicate items, books, decor, and artwork. This way, you can create a structured packing system that makes the moving process more manageable.

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