Whether it’s for your bed or your couch, pillows provide an extra layer of comfort and support for life’s everyday activities. You might be surprised to learn that the global sleeping pillow market has a value of approximately $15.6 billion as of 2019.

If you’re preparing to move, there are some important packing hacks to know when it comes to your pillows.

Read on to discover how to pack pillows for moving so your valuables stay fluffy and soft once you’re in your new place.

Sort Your Pillows by Type

When you’re packing for a move, it’s a good idea to start sorting your belongings based on the room or type of item. Sort your pillows by bed pillow, furniture pillow, and decorative pillow so they’re easier to find when you move into the new spot.

Keep bed pillows packed in one place, and furniture/decorative pillows packed in another. If you’re putting the pillows in a large cardboard box, make sure you label it so you know exactly what’s inside.

For more efficient packing, consider putting the pillows inside a vacuum-sealed bag. Not only will this keep the pillows clean and fresh, but it also helps you save a ton of space. This is also a great time to discard any pillows that have become flat or damaged.

How to Pack Pillow for Moving: Put Them in Drawers

One of the best packing strategies for pillows is to stick them inside an empty drawer. This is a great way of packing pillows, and it also helps to add a bit of extra protection to your furniture.

While you shouldn’t move with your furniture drawers full of junk, pillows add virtually no weight whatsoever. This means your favorite dresser or cabinet will still be easy to move, but it’ll also serve as a secret spot for your favorite pillows.

To protect your pillows, add a piece of packing paper to the bottom of each drawer. This will prevent the pillows from snagging or getting dirty from any dust and debris that might still be lurking inside the furniture.

Use Plastic Bags

When you think about how to pack pillows for moving, using plastic bags is probably one of the easiest and most stress-free methods. All you need to do is grab some large garbage bags and stuff your pillows inside.

While vacuum-sealed bags are an excellent space saver, a box of new trash bags usually costs less. Plus, you can always reuse the bags once you move into the new place.

Make sure the bags you use are made of heavy-duty materials. This will keep the bag from getting ripped and damaging the pillows inside.

Start Your Packing Journey 

Now that you know how to pack pillows for moving, remember these tips before moving day. With some ingenuity and planning, packing your pillows will be a breeze.

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