If you’re one of the 36 people moving to Nashville, TN, daily, this article was created for you!

It’s no surprise you’re hoping to move to The Music City. The area has affordable living, a booming job market, quality education, and fantastic nightlife. But before you can enjoy all the benefits, you must spend hard-earned cash on moving here.

If you are not careful, a moving company in Nashville could add a significant expense to your final bill. But if you want to uncover the costs and how to save money, read our guide until the end!

Local Moves

The distance to your new home is a factor that influences the cost of moving companies in Nashville. Each business will have its own regulations on a local basis. However, most consider under 50 miles to be a short trip.

Local moves within Nashville and nearby areas generally cost less than long-distance moves. Local moving companies often charge by the hour.

Local moves within Nashville may range from $300 to $1,500. It depends on the size of your home and the distance traveled.

Long Distance Moves

In the United States, the average fees vary drastically from USD 4,200 to USD 12,100. If you’re not mindful, the price could rise even higher.

Unlike local moves, long-distance Nashville movers charge based on the weight. So, before you move, decluttering your belongings is vital. Dispose of unwanted furnishings and pack clothes efficiently to keep costs down.

Other factors affect the final payment, such as the distance traveled to cover the cost of gas. Even days of the week can raise or lower the price. Establishments often offer discounts during weekdays.

Packing Services

When organizing such a crucial operation, packing services can go to the back of your mind. However, they are the most noteworthy fee added by moving companies in Nashville. 

You can save money by packing your belongings yourself. Yet, there are still materials to factor into your moving to Nashville budget, such as:

  • Boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Labels
  • Stretch wrap

Opting for a professional packing service will save you valuable time and hassle. Of course, there will be an additional fee. Ask for a quote before booking the service, but it’s good to know that most will charge between USD 20 and USD 50 per packer.

Additional Fees

The final step to acknowledge before booking a moving company in Nashville is researching additional fees. Sometimes, you may not realize you need these added costs until it’s too late.

Insurance is so vital that experts predict the industry will grow by USD 1,429.64 billion by 2027. Many firms offer basic coverage, but you should consider upgrading to a full coverage service. As a result, the replacement cost of lost or damaged items will be covered.

Movers can add more to your final invoice if stairs are needed at the final destination. Also, consider if you need storage or express delivery for the move.

Book a Moving Company in Nashville

Moving is an exciting new chapter in your life. But it can be challenging.

After reading our guide, you have one less thing to worry about. You know the average cost of a moving company in Nashville.

To handle another headache, work with a fully licensed insurance firm with extensive local knowledge and book a moving service with Tri-Star Moving today!