People own an average of 148 pieces of clothing. You may not think you have that many clothing items, but if you really take inventory of your closet, you may be surprised! When you move, this can become troublesome. 

Many people don’t think about how to pack clothes for moving until they’re looking at their full closets and empty boxes, feeling overwhelmed. We’re here to help. 

Read on to learn more.

Declutter First

The first thing you want to do when you’re packing up your clothes for a big move is to declutter. Think hard about what clothes you actually want to bring with you. Clothes are heavy and take up a lot of space, so getting rid of things first will save you a lot of time and effort.

Get rid of non-sentimental pieces that you haven’t worn in years or that you know you don’t really like anymore. If your clothes are in good condition, donate them or sell them on a resale site. If not, you can see if they’re worthy of repair, or you can use them as rags or packing material. 

Leave Essentials Out

This is one tip that a lot of people forget. You don’t want to deal with the struggles of unpacking as soon as you get to your new home, but what happens when all of your clothes are packed away in cardboard boxes?

Keep a separate suitcase or bag with a few days’ worth of clothes, so you have immediate access to what you need upon arrival without having to unpack everything right away. Make sure you have enough socks and undergarments. Your future self will thank you.

Maximize Space

Roll clothes or use vacuum-sealed bags for bulkier items to maximize space inside your cardboard boxes. This can help reduce the number of boxes that you need to use.

A vacuum sealer may seem like an unnecessary purchase, but it can be super helpful when you travel and need to pack clothes in a carry-on! It’s a worthwhile investment. 

If you’re having the moving company pack for you, they can help with this.

Categorize Your Clothes

Sort your clothes by category to make packing and unpacking more organized and efficient. You’ll be able to unpack everything into its rightful place with ease.

If you’re moving during a season transition, label the clothes that you won’t need right away. This minimizes the number of boxes you have to unpack initially.

Delicate or valuable clothing items like suits, dresses, and formalwear should be wrapped in packing paper or garment bags to protect them from damage. If you don’t choose to pack them this carefully, make sure you at least label them so you’re more careful upon unpacking. 

That’s How to Pack Clothes for Moving

Figuring out how to pack clothes for moving can feel like a stressful game of fabric Tetris. These tips will help you start packing your clothes away and preparing for your big move. Remember: leave necessities out, declutter clothing first, maximize your space, and categorize your clothes. 

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