Moving to a new home can either be one of the most wonderful, or one of the most traumatic experiences a child experiences during their young life. Moving has been linked to causing depression in children.

Whether your child has a positive or terrible experience all depends on how you carry out your move, and how you proceed once you arrive in your new nest.

Moving with kids can be a challenge but these five moving tips will help you rise to it. 

1. Frame the Move When Moving With Kids

You want to make it clear to your kids right off the bat that moving will be a fun experience. Stress that the new house will be much better than your old one. Frame the move as an adventure to get your kids excited.

Your kids will be sad about leaving their comfort zone and old friends behind. Get them to focus on the positive aspects of moving such as exploring a new area or starting a new life to keep them from dwelling on the negative.

2. Let Them Help Pack

Letting your children play a major part in your moving experience will help them come to grips with the unknown. Let them choose the items they want to bring and allow them to help you pack.

The worst thing you can do is not take your child’s wishes into account when selecting items to pack, as they may be leaving childhood memories behind. Also, make sure they pack fragile items the right way to avoid breakage. 

3. Let Them Design Their Room

Once you have arrived at your new home, allow your child to design their room. This can be a fun experience for a child, especially if you incorporate fun elements such as glow-in-the-dark paint.

Your prerogative here should be to get your child to focus on moving forward. Giving them a fun activity such as designing their room will empower them and help them understand what they can and can’t control.

4. Incorporate Items From Your Old Home

There may be some furniture or other items that your child liked in your old home. Incorporating these favorite items into your new dwelling is one of the best ways of helping kids adjust after a move.

They will associate these favorite items with home and be more comfortable. With a couple of staple items, you can turn your new home from unfamiliar to recognizable in your child’s eyes.

5. Hold off on Remodels

When moving with children it is better to hold off on any significant remodels to your new home. If you start knocking down walls or adding additions as soon as your child gets settled, it may skew their sense of familiarity.

All remodeling should be completed prior to moving your kids into their new surroundings. Either that or a few months after they have gotten comfortable in their new setting.

Try This Moving Advice

Moving is stressful, but when you are moving with kids you need to make special preparations to insulate them from this stress. If you learn how to move with kids the right way, they won’t be emotionally traumatized.

Part of moving the right way includes having a reputable and professional moving company. Contact ours today to get a free estimate. That way you will have one less thing on your plate.