If you’re looking for a historic place to live, Nashville is an excellent choice. Nashville is known as the “City of Music,” a name which it likely earned in the 1920s

It was during this time that a local radio station began a program dedicated to country music. This program soon became the Grand Ole Opry, and Nashville has been a hub for country music ever since.

There’s more to look forward to when moving to Nashville than its thriving music scene. This city has a culture all its own, and we’ll discuss that and other aspects of Nashville here.


The climate of Nashville is mild compared to some other parts of the South. If you’re moving from the north, though, you should still expect hotter weather than you’re used to.

Summer days usually reach temperatures between 60 and 90 Fahrenheit. Winter temperatures often stay above freezing, although they do dip below freezing now and then.

If you’re wondering when to move to Nashville, Spring or Fall is probably the best time in terms of weather.

Food and Drink

Nashville is known for more than music. It’s cuisine is great, too. Like much of the American South, Nashville is fond of its meats. Some of its favorite dishes include hot chicken, which is fried chicken dusted with cayenne pepper, and barbecue. There’s also fried catfish and a dish called “meat and three,” which is meat and three vegetables.

Nashville also boasts classic southern staples, including cornbread, biscuits and gravy and sweet tea. For liquor, there’s whiskey. Nashville’s specialty drink is Belle Meade bourbon. However,  you could opt for Jack Daniels’, which is made right in Tennessee.

The Art Scene

Nashville is home to a thriving art scene. If you’re into galleries, sculptures, and botanical gardens, you’ll love it here. The most famous place for art in the city is the Frist Art Museum.

Opened in 2001, the Frist is more than a museum. It’s a historic landmark that exhibits incredible art exhibits from around the world. There are even interactive exhibits that allow visitors to make their own art.

There are also sculpture gardens, small galleries and plenty of other ways to explore the city’s artistic culture. If you want to live near these areas, mention it to your Nashville movers. A good moving company in Nashville will even help you unpack.

Job Opportunities

If you’re low on money and worried about a moving quote, Nashville might be the perfect place to go. The city is known for high-paying jobs. Some of the biggest industries in the city are medicine and technology, so there’s no shortage of positions if you’re qualified.

The city of Nashville is growing rapidly, so whether you’re moving to or within Nashville, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a job. Finding a good moving company in Nashville could be an issue, though.

Realities of Moving: Nashville

Nashville is an incredible city with a lot to offer. We’ve discussed what the city is like here, but there’s always more to learn. If moving to Nashville is something you’re considering, we can help.

Tri-star moving is a locally-owned-and-operated company, so we know our way around Nashville. We can even offer some helpful moving tips to get you started.