Studies have shown that 60% of people view moving as one of the most stressful life events. We want to change those statistics! Moving should be looked at as a fresh start, not an overwhelming nightmare. 

That’s why we’ve created this simple guide! We have compiled all of the essential elements you’ll need to focus on before your big move into a moving out checklist. This list of the top 5 things to focus on will help you stay organized and stress-free during your move.

Let’s get started! 

1. Get Organized 

Before you pack your first box you should make a moving binder. This binder will help you stay organized during your move so you don’t lose your mind or essential documents! 

In the binder, you can keep documents such as lease agreements, social security cards, final bills, etc. Additionally, you can use the binder to create your moving out checklist. Keeping everything in one central organized location will make finding what you need during the move simple and headache-free. 

2. Downsize 

Downsizing or purging before a move is shown to reduce stress. Try creating three piles in each room: keep, donate, throw away. This will help you organize what you really want to bring to your new home and identify what is just taking up space. 

You will save money on your moving costs by downsizing as well. There is no point in paying to bring something to your new place and then downsizing it upon arrival. Purging your old home of clutter will relieve stress and get you ready for the big move. 

3. Find a Moving Team 

 You want to hire the best when it comes to the big move. Moving companies can often get booked up on weekends and holidays so finding a reputable moving team ahead of time will ensure you have the help you need on the big day. 

You might be tempted to try to go at it alone or enlist the help of friends and family, however, when it coming to moving your home you want a pro. A reputable moving team knows how to handle moving and transporting large and fragile items carefully to avoid damage or injury. Keep your friends and family close for support and pizza runs instead!

4.Prepare for the Move 

Two weeks before your move you should start the process of packing everything up and taking care of transfers. For example, you will need to get in touch with your cable and internet provider, electric company, water and gas company, etc. so they can transfer service to your new place. 

You will also need to get in touch with the USPS to change your address. If you have small children or pets this is the time that you want to think about finding a sitter for the duration of the move to avoid and chaos during moving day. 

5. Be Ready 

Get a good night’s sleep the night before the move so you wake up rested and ready to go! Pack a bag of essentials like water, band-aids, pain reliever, phone chargers, etc. to keep handy during the move. You are going to be doing a lot of back and forth so wear comfortable clothing and shoes!

The Essential Moving Checklist 

These 5 tips for your moving checklist will make your big move a breeze. Put faith into the moving company to help you get settled without the hassles! 

Whether you’re moving to or from Mt. Juliet or Nashville we have got you covered. Visit us today to discover how we can make your move seamless and worry-free!