People are flocking to Nashville either to vacation (nearly 15.2 million a year) or stay (more than 80 a day). 

The Music City, world-famous for its nightlife and country music, is a hot spot for young and old alike. People are moving to Nashville for its active, vibrant downtown or avoiding cold weather.

People enjoy living in Nashville because of its eclectic mix of things to do. These activities cater not only to the party-happy young folks but to a more relaxed older set, too. 

More importantly, housing prices in some neighborhoods around Nashville are still affordable, with demand taking a slight dip in recent months. 

In short, there are a lot of reasons to live in Nashville. In the following article, we’ll discuss five reasons to move to Music City. 

1. Hear the Music

From the Grand Ole Opry to Ryman Auditorium, the music scene in Nashville can not be beaten. The city is famous for being the heart of country music. Artists working hard to be discovered or singer/songwriters working on new material are performing on almost every corner. 

Add to that the number of tourists and locals coming out to hear the music, and you have a great nightlife with joyous crowds almost every night of the week. 

One of the best things about this scene is that you can choose a style of country and western music to suit your tastes. Like the classics? No problem. Want the latest hits? It was probably written by one of the musicians playing down the street. 

2. Low Unemployment

With all the tourists coming into town and companies relocating to tax-friendly Tennessee, the unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the South.  The rate for the metro area is below 2 percent. 

While the competition for the most lucrative jobs is still tight, plenty of jobs in service and its support industries pay well, even for the South. 

3. Great Food

From coffee shops to barbeque and steak houses to Southern specialties, Nashville is one of the best foodie scenes in the South. True, the city is more associated with honky-tonkin’ than haute cuisine, but that doesn’t mean Nashville lacks flare. 

Try the city’s hot chicken, like that served at Prince’s, for one of the local specialties. 

Other popular Nashville restaurants include Butcher & Bee, Biscuit Love, Deep Sea Vegan, Graze, and Southern V. 

4. Southern Weather

Tennessee has a mild climate all year round, and Nashville is no exception. The high temperature in the winter is about 49 degrees, and the summer enjoys a reasonable 89-degree average.

The moderate climate means a slight change in the seasons and many months of comfortable weather for Nashville’s residents. 

5. Cost of Living 

The median rent in Nashville hovers around $1,200, and the median home price weighs in at about $331,000. As a result, Nashville’s cost of living landed at No. 53 on the cost of living scale out of 75 of the U.S.’s most populous cities. 

Also, Tennessee’s low tax rates and low unemployment help keep prices for goods and services down. 

Are You Moving to Nashville? 

Now that you’ve learned about what Nashville has to offer, is your mind made up? Are you moving to Nashville?

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