Are you in over your head with moving to your new home?

You have to pack all your belongings into the right boxes, coordinate with the movers, and keep your head atop your neck. It’s a lot to deal with. Sometimes, you forget things.

That’s why we’ve created a list of essential items to set aside in your survival kit to help make the first day of moving in, more bearable.

Read on to find out what you need in your first-night survival kit box.

1. Toilet Paper

If you have nothing else in your survival kit, make sure you have one roll of toilet paper. Nothing’s worse than having to use the toilet and not having toilet paper in the bathroom.

If you’re moving with a baby, make sure you bring diapers and wipes so that they can do their business.

Everyone else should have their toiletry bag with their bathroom essentials.

2. Bath Towel

After a long day of moving, you will probably want to take your first shower in your new home. If your shower does not have a glass door partition, bring a shower curtain with hooks to hang up so. you can shower when you need to.

Bring one bath towel for each member of the family to avoid having to share towels. In line with this, bring pajamas and a set of clothes to change into for the next day.

3. Medicine 

It is easy to get overwhelmed and to lose track of where you placed things when you’re moving. One of the last things you want to misplace is your essential medicine.

Pack your essential medicine into your first-night survival kit box so you know where to go for it.

Another moving tip is to make sure you stock up on essential medicine so that you have it as you’re getting situated in your new home. This is especially important if you’re crossing state lines and you have to navigate new pharmacies and insurance.

4. Cleaning Supplies

After the last tenant moved out, the landlord likely held many open houses to find the next tenant. People walked in and out of your new home, and it likely isn’t the cleanest.

One of the essential items you should keep in your survival kit for your moving day is multi-purpose cleaning supplies. Consider packing a container of multi-purpose cleaning wipes to wipe down dirty surfaces until you can deep clean later.

5. Sleeping Arrangements

Depending on how you arranged your move, your bed and mattress may or may not be set up in time for the end of your moving day. Sleeping arrangements are the last thing on the list for your essential survival kit.

If your bed is not set up in time, make sure you have an air mattress or a sleeping bag along with pillows and sheets, so you can rest up at the end of the night. This is only temporary until you get to set up your bed.

Moving In With Confidence

We tried our best to narrow down the top items you should have in your survival kit box. You may find yourself adding more to your box depending on your situation, and that is okay.

With an essentials box packed, you will make moving in a lot easier for you and your family.

However, to streamline your move, contact us for a free quote moving to or from Nashville! You can trust our Mt. Juliet movers to get your belongings to your new home safely!