Lost files, damaged equipment, confused employees; without a plan, commercial relocation can get messy. Nearly 40% of all moves are done by businesses. However, not every company plans ahead to ensure an efficient move.

Here are five tips to help you prepare for moving offices. With these tips, you can avoid hiccups. Instead, you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Start planning today!

1. Draft a Timeline

Start planning your office relocation six months before moving day. Establish a timeline and create a moving checklist.

Determine when you need to move based on important company dates. Avoid moving offices on a day that will disrupt important events. Review your lease to avoid overlapping rent payments.  

During this planning stage, consider:

  • The moving budget
  • The current lease
  • Assigning tasks
  • Researching moving companies
  • Completing inventory
  • Drafting a to-do list
  • Updating your address

Update your address with Google My Business and the US Postal Service. Inform clients and the IRS ahead of time as well.

Let employees know you’re moving into a new office during this time. When drafting the announcement, provide key dates. Ask your employees if they have any questions or concerns. 

2. Identify Costs

Before hiring commercial movers, set and review your budget. Your budget should include the rent (for your current and future location). You might need to calculate the cost of utilities, insurance, and storage fees.

Determine the cost of hiring Mt. Juliet business movers and gathering supplies (boxes, packing tape, etc.). Estimate the total number of hours your employees will spend on moving tasks. 

Once you determine your budget, increase it by 35%. The increase will give you wiggle room for any emergency costs.

3. Visit the New Office

Visit your new office space to determine if you need to make changes or repairs before moving your business.

For example, you might need to paint. List any damaged areas to allow your new landlord time to make repairs. 

Take measurements to avoid issues when moving furniture or large pieces of equipment. 

4. Hire Professionals

Call three Mt. Juliet commercial movers to request estimates. 

There are over 17,100 moving service businesses in the US. When comparing Mt. Juliet moving companies, look for an experienced team. Experienced companies are less likely to make mistakes (such as damaging your property).

Create an office inventory list of your:

  • Filing cabinets
  • Copy machines
  • Wall decor
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Office electronics
  • Office furniture

Begin packing long before your moving date. 

Otherwise, choose a Mt. Juliet moving company that offers packing and storage services. 

5. Get Moving

A week before moving into a new business, update your address on- and offline. Review your to-do list and consult your task force to ensure everything is on schedule. 

Do a final walkthrough of your current offices on the day of the move. Make sure you don’t forget anything!

Plan an Efficient Commercial Relocation

For a successful commercial relocation, plan ahead of time. Establish a task force and hire Mt. Juliet movers to simplify the process. With help, you can set up your new offices without stress!

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